Saturday, 20 February 2010

Princess Lollipop's First Birthday

I'm not sure that Princess Lollipop had ANY idea what was going on at her birthday!! Although she did get quite excited and start screaming happily!! Mr Messy went out first thing to pick up LMS and American Boyfriend, as LMS said she couldn't miss the grand opening :-) Princess Lollipop had to be encouraged to open her presents as she wasn't really that interested. And Little Prince was very willing to help as much as he could lol. She got lots of noisy musical toys as she loves dancing to music :-) Grandma and Grandad got her a trampoline that we will put in the garden as soon as the garden is cleared and safe and the weather is warmer!! I'm sure she'll love it. The only problem will be trying to keep Little Prince off it, as he is way above the safe weight range for the trampoline and I don't want it broken by Mr Over Exhuberant!!!

Mid morning Drama Teen's Young Man arrived, ready for us all to go out for a celebratory meal. At the very last minute before leaving we dressed Princess Lollipop in her birthday dress from Monsoon, and she looked stunning :-) We even managed to get her to wear a matching headband wtih a large floppy flower attached, she wore it for about half an hour before she noticed it was there and there was no chance after that!! We were eating at our favourite American Style Restaurant, and Little Prince had been looking forward to the ribs ALL WEEK :-) He was slightly disappointed that they didn't serve root beer, but settled for a "posh drink." We hadn't explained "posh drinks" to American Boyfriend, who was jaw droppingly shocked to see a child drinking a cocktail lol. Don't worry "posh drinks" are non-alcoholic cocktails :-)

Little Prince enjoyed his ribs, his tummy enjoyed them, his face enjoyed them and so did his hands lol. It took two of us and loads of wipes to clean him up again!! Fantastic food for boys - tasty and messy!! Princess Lollipop shared a little of what we were having, but seemed to enjoy the bread rolls most. All apart from the birthday cake :-) She had no idea how to blow out her candles, but loved everyone singing to her :-)

We had had to go to the restaurant in two cars to fit us all in, and when we'd finished our meal we split up again. Mr Messy was driving three hours (one way!) to return some photographic samples he'd borrowed from a photographer friend!! He took LMS and American Boyfriend with him and I took Drama Teen, Young Man, Little Prince and Princess Lollipop home with me!! Not sure who was going to have the most tiring afternoon!!!

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