Monday, 13 September 2010

Monday Madness

This morning started out fine, Drama Teen got herself up and ready in time for her college bus, and considering I used to have to wake her two or three times when she was still at school, I'm really proud of her responsible attitude. I got Little Prince to school with no problems or outbursts, which was lovely :-) When we got home I was hoping to get some jobs done with Princess Lollipop sat in her buggy with me, she had other ideas though! She has been incredibly clingy today, and not wanted to be anywhere but attached to me, although once she is clinging on my knee she wants down, then straight back up again in floods of tears. Its been an exhausting day!

During the day I got a phone call from the local hospital's Children's Outpatient Dept asking if they could make an appointment to see Little Prince on Thursday. The lady I spoke to apologised for the late notice, but she had only just come back from her holidays and was trying to get as many appointments made as soon as she could. The appointment is to check Little Prince medically as part of his assessment for a Statement of Educational Needs. I checked with the lady on the phone and they won't have to do any tests or examinations of Little Prince, just talk to us both about his medical background and behavioural issues. Its probably going to be a difficult appointment as I will have to take Princess Lollipop with us too, but at least that way they will get to see what Little Prince is really like!!

When I collected Little Prince from school, he was initially in a good mood, that rapidly deteriorated when I sent him back to class to retrieve his school jumper! He then sped off on his scooter to the car, threw the scooter on the ground and dived in the car and slammed the door! When we got home he slammed into the house and hid under a blanket on the sofa saying he was bored and tired, and shouting at Princess Lollipop whenever she tried to play peek-a-boo with him! After a while he decided to play with Princess Lollipop, but that quickly escalated into him running and jumping up and down the lounge and all over the furniture, and screaming and shouting. Princess Lollipop takes all this in her stride and even joins in with the screaming! My poor ears!!!

I had no choice but to go to the Supermarket this evening, once Drama Teen was home from college. I had to wait for her as I didn't know if she'd taken her door key with her! I was nearly in tears at the thought of taking the littlies with me in the mood they were in!! It wasn't too bad in the end, although the cashier did comment on "What a livewire" I had!! I must be so used to how Little Prince is, as my immediate thought was that he was quite calm at the moment!! I took them both to a fast food place for a quick tea after the Supermarket, I couldn't face cooking when I got home!! Despite shouting "Tea, tea, tea" as soon as she could see where she was going, Princess Lollipop only drank her smoothie and ate the grapes from the fruit bag!

By the time we got home it was almost Little Prince's bedtime. I got Drama Teen to come downstairs (she had stayed at home to complete today's homework) and look after Princess Lollipop while me and Little Prince put the shopping away together. I then supervised him emptying the dishwasher, which he now gets paid a small amount for. He tried to negotiate only getting half the money if he only emptied half the dishwasher, but I managed to persuade him to finish the job. He moaned and whinged his way through the rest of the work, but was very pleased with his earnings :-) He flatly refused to do his other job (squashing the cola cans for recycling) and went to get ready for bed. He took ages to get ready, and we could hear lots of banging and crashing, he was apparently throwing himself down his slide! Hopefully he will calm down with it soon!!

Mr Messy came home around this time and he looked after Princess Lollipop while me and Drama Teen got some of the clutter around the house into the attic. There wasn't as much as I thought there was, but every little helps!! I'd also got Drama Teen to put away some of the stuff she had left lying around the bathroom, although she only remembered one of the three lots of stuff I told her to move!! Perhaps she can't process more than one instruction at a time lol!!

Princess Lollipop carried on being super clingy and wouldn't go to her Daddy once I was back in the room. She carried on with the wanting up, then down, then up again and squirming around like a very wriggly thing!! Eventually, much to my relief, she fell asleep and I had some much needed child free time with Mr Messy to chat about our day :-)

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23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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