Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Shopping Shenanigans

Yesterday we had to take Drama Teen shopping for the things she needs for college. I was dropping her off at her boyfriend's house after he finished school, and he lives in the town we had to go shopping in, so it was convenient. As Little Prince wasn't back at school, we had to take him too, which wasn't so convenient! He did NOT want to go shopping and he did NOT want to shop for someone other than himself, and he certainly did NOT want to shop for Drama Teen's jeans!! He shouted and made a fuss in every shop we went in, then decided he would shut his eyes and not look at all the yukky clothes, which of course meant he walked into everything! He had a complete meltdown when Drama Teen tried on anything! We only managed to visit two shops, luckily she found some suitable jeans, and we only had to get her notebooks/pens etc after that. I was very proud of Drama Teen that she realised how much Little Prince was struggling and didn't insist on getting every single thing on her list, just the essentials. We tried going to a cafe to see if eating would calm Little Prince down a little, he behaved fairly well in the cafe, but Princess Lollipop decided she didn't want any of the food we had bought for her and insisted on shouting "No" at the top of her voice, most of the time we were there! If it isn't one of them its the other!!

When we got home Little Prince played out in the garden, which seemed to use up a little bit of energy. Eventually got him to bed and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. I feel so awful, but I am really looking forward to him getting back to school and having a break. Usually I love having the kids at home for the school hols, but this Summer has been long and difficult and I've reached the end of my patience and understanding!

When Mr Messy came home he went out to his shed to get a charger for his drill so that he could finish building Little Prince's new bed. He found the charger, unfortunately he also found the chaos that Little Prince had wreaked in the shed!! He has obviously been sneaking in there and has knocked loads of tools all over the floor and broken quite a few, tried to open cans of paint and messed with lots of dangerous tools!! We are going to have to ban him from playing in the garden until we can fit a padlock to the shed door. Tonight Mr Messy is going to explain to Little Prince how dangerous this "game" is and we are going to get a padlock fitted this weekend!

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