Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Verdict on First Day Back at School

Little Prince says he is settled back in at school and he was settled waaaay before lunchtime :-) I wasn't called over to talk to his teacher, so that can only be a good sign :-) The one thing that might upset him over the coming couple of weeks is that his actual teacher has had her family emergency, and won't be in. The substitute teacher is one that was used extensively last year, and one that he trusts and feels safe with. So hopefully this will mean he will be able to cope with the sudden, unannounced change and will stay calm and well behaved. Fingers firmly crossed!!

I've decided not to let Little Prince go over to friends to play, or to have friends over to our house this week, to give him time to settle back into the school routine properly. He has been so wild over the holidays that I feel he needs this "calmer" time for a while, when he plays with friends after school it can easily and quickly escalate into chaos and I've had enough of that this last 6 weeks!! Little Prince was quite upset about this at school and begged and begged for his friend J to come over, but I stood my ground and explained to J's Dad what we were doing and he understood. Once Little Prince realised he wasn't going to sway my decision he didn't make any more fuss, and apart from a big argument with Drama Teen over what TV programme to watch and his usual getting in Princess Lollipop's face and talking aggressively (she just tells him to "Dop it" ie "stop it"), he has been calm and stable since we got home. Even when I explained to him that he wasn't allowed to play in the garden until he and Daddy had, had a talk about what Little Prince had been up to! When gently pushed Little Prince knew what Daddy wanted to talk to him about "Messing with Daddy's stuff." I've explained that Daddy isn't cross, he just needs to talk to Little Prince about it and how unsafe it is.

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