Friday, 15 October 2010


Mr Messy went down to the shop early today as he had to set up his big computer monitor ready for a 9am meeting with a local lifestyle consultant, who he is going to market his new Boudoir Photography service with. Little Prince was tired and grumpy and took quite a bit of persuading to eat a sensible breakfast, which he promptly followed by an apple in an attempt to get his extremely wobbly tooth to come out. He was very kind and shared his apple with Princess Lollipop, he didn't have much choice as she was screeching "APBIT APBIT" (apple apple) till he let her take a bite!

Once I had dropped him off at school, me and Princess Lollipop went down to the shop, where she was very excited to see Daddy :-) She is going to be quite upset on Monday when he isn't there!! Mr Messy's lifestyle consultant was a little late for the appointment, and he was a bit panicky that he wouldn't be able to make it to his early morning photoshoot. Then our accountant turned up to ask if he could check his email on our computers, as his phone line is out at home and he hasn't been able to log on for quite a while! I played with Princess Lollipop and her Lego while Mr Messy and lifestyle consultant went through the marketing ideas and looked at photos from a recent shoot. Mr Messy had to leave to get to his photoshoot just after he'd finished the meeting with the lifestyle consultant, and our accountant stayed for another half an hour or so. Princess Lollipop must have finally decided he wasn't a stranger any more (she has met him regularly!) and even sat on his knee for a little while.

I took a phone call from friend of a prospective wedding couple asking if her friend could ring us this evening to talk about his upcoming wedding. I gave her our home number as we are only in OUR shop until 5pm and she said he would definitely be in touch. And sure enough later in the afternoon he rang up and had a long chat with Mr Messy. His finacee is Moroccan and they are having a ceremony here and another one in Morocco soon afterwards. They are on a set budget and he wanted to know if Mr Messy could do anything with his budget constraints. He and Mr Messy talked for quite some time on the phone, and have arranged to meet up in a week or so to go through the details of what he wants and what Mr Messy can do. Mr Messy is prepared to work with them and travel at cost price to Morocco as the images should be fabulous, so I'm sure they will come to some sort of arrangement. I wonder if he'll need an assistant :-)

Just as he was finishing that phone conversation a lady arrived to discuss framing and images from a recent shoot Mr Messy did with her, her husband and their two little boys. They spent ages discussing different options and as Princess Lollipop was fast asleep and I felt like a spare part, I wandered down to the florist to check that she has put our flower order on for a weekly collection. She did know we wanted flowers every week, but wasn't sure which day we wanted to collect them. So I've sorted that out, and even arranged a "Halloween" style floral display in a pumpkin for the week after next. I asked her to keep the displays in keeping with the season, and pretty modern looking but left the rest of the design details to her.

Mr Messy and his client had just about finished when I returned, and Princess Lollipop was just waking up, as soon as she saw me she wanted "UP mummy." So we had a cuddle and play with her jigsaw while Mr Messy finished off his meeting.


Anonymous said...

:O NO WAY?! He gets to go to MORROCCO?! Jealous!! As is Boyfriend's Sister; Mom would be too if she was here but she just left lol That's soooo cool! Bet Lil Sis is begging to go along and take her Boyfriend with her :P "But Daaaaaad you KNOW you need an assistant!" :P Can't wait to see those photos - WOW!


Janet said...

There is no guarantee it will happen yet! They've got to talk photographic requirements and budgets first. Fingers crossed it will work out though :-) Little Prince is upset that he can't go :-(
And I can't wait to see those photos either :-)

Anonymous said...

It'd be really cool if he could go! I'll bet Bro is pretty miffed though, I hadn't thought of that! I thought it'd be Sis that would be most jealous and upset lol


Janet said...

Drama Teen hasn't said anything yet! She's upstairs doing her homework, supposedly!! But yes Little Prince is miffed!! We are going to have to book a holiday over there after we come back from WDW next year.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were planning to go to the other place? Which reminds me I haven't looked at Girl A's photos from her recent holiday there, or Sis' friend's (the one who makes Baby Sis cry). Seems quite a popular place among the people we know! Ah yes..."homework" also known as...changing your profile picture repeatedly :P Which, I admit, I may have instigated :P But she doesn't reply to people very quickly so I guess she is actually working as well lol.

Phew I'm tiiired, I've been cleaning and tidying and dusting and sweeping, the house looks quite nice now if I say so myself! I decided that rather than expect Boyfriend to notice and then pout when he didn't, I TOLD him I'd worked really hard and wanted him to notice :P Hopefully he will :P



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