Friday, 22 October 2010


Princess Lollipop had a majorly disturbed night and I was not ready for the alarm to go off! Little Prince came to join us for a hug, and then Mr Messy went to get ready for his day in OUR shop. When he was ready he came and go the littlies and took them downstairs to watch TV while I got ready, so for once I had the wonderful luxury of getting ready on my own! Bliss :-) When I got downstairs Mr Messy had already left to go to OUR shop and Drama Teen was just about to leave to get the bus to college. I went to get the littlies to take them to the dining room for their breakfast and found that Princess Lollipop had decided to dress herself! I had left her clothes on her changing box ready for morning and she had found them! She was wearing her babygrow with her denim skirt on top (inside out) and was desperately trying to get her tights on her head lol. What a pudding :-)

Once the littlies were dressed (properly!) Little Prince wanted to read some of his reading book to me. He announced that he was the first Year 3 to go onto Free Reading, that's where he can go to the school library and chose whichever book he wants, rather than having to finish the school reading scheme. I already knew this as his teacher had told us at Parent's Evening, but I pretended it was new news and told him how proud I was of him (no pretending needed for that). He had chosen a science book about the body, and is loving reading it. Rather than start from the last page he read he insisted on starting the book again "Because its SO good Mummy" :-)

After dropping Little Prince at school, me and Princess Lollipop drove over to OUR shop. Even though its supposed to be my day off, I'm having to work as Mr Messy has a photoshoot this afternoon. Its not such a big deal really as we get to spend the morning with Mr Messy and I quite enjoy being in the shop :-)

During the morning Mr Messy went back home to get changed ready for his photoshoot and when he got back he had a long chat with his Marketing Consultant before calling a local fashion boutique that has asked him to do some photography. The boutique is a very up-scale shop and they want him to photograph their Autumn/Winter range for use on their website and in their customer magazine and other advertising. This is a fantastic opportunity for the business and a great artistic challenge for Mr Messy, he is really looking forward to it. The owner of the boutique is calling into OUR shop tomorrow morning so that they can discuss exactly what the brief entails and Mr Messy can walk them round town to show them various outdoor locations he thinks would work.

Despite being bog-eyed Princess Lollipop did not want to go for her nap, and it took ages to get her to sleep. Then Mr Messy being on the phone disturbed her, and I had to persuade her to go back to sleep again. She is now sleeping peacefully which is great as she really needs the rest after last night! I just wish I could join her!! Mr Messy has popped out to chat to our friend the owner of the children's designer boutique, and has promised to bring me a surprise back, fingers crossed its chocolatey :-)


Anonymous said...

Wooo! Isn't he fabulous!!! My clever little boy!! :) I'm glad he's enjoying his book on the body, tell him he'll be better at science than me pretty soon! :) He probably is already...your heart is in your toes right...? Give him lots of hugs from us both over here, we're very proud! We're really proud of Dad too, so pleased he's got this boutique shoot! :) I'm still giggling about my sister and her trying to get dressed! Soooo funny :)


Janet said...

He is THE most fabulous boy in the world :-) And he says "thank you" and grinned :-)


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