Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thursday Evening

I was on the last minute to pick Little Prince up, and we were just walking towards the gate, when he met us at the fence to give me his book folder before running off to the play equipment. Princess Lollipop wasn't happy with this as she likes to hold his hand on the way back to the car, so I managed to persuade him to come back and hold her hand and we went back to the car. One of the parcels that arrived earlier was from LMS in America, she had said that she was sending something for Little Prince so I left it on his car seat for him to find. He excitedly ripped into it and then almost threw it across the car as he wasn't happy that his "bit" was the smallest!! I told him he was extremely ungrateful, LMS isn't working (she can't on a tourist visa in America) but she is still choosing to spend what little money she has on him. He thought about it for a bit, and then apologised and said he was very sorry and LMS was very nice for sending him a present. He then said he was upset because one of the girls in his class was annoying him (although he can't remember what she was doing to annoy him!!) all day.

Luckily his mood improved when we got home and he and Princess Lollipop had a pile of sandwiches between them. He was, for him, quite calm and played rowdily but nicely with Princess Lollipop for ages. He rolled the pouffe around the floor and pretended to either fall off or crash into Princess Lollipop, but he was very careful not to be too rough. She was in gales of laughter, he can make her laugh like no one else can :-) I'll have to point this out to him, as he is getting quite upset that her stock answer to anything he asks her eg. "Do you want a kiss/hug?" or "Do you want to sit on my knee?" or "Do you want to play?" is always NO shouted very emphatically!! But if he feels that she does something with him that she doesn't with anyone else, it might make him feel better, fingers crossed.

Then one of Drama Teen's friends JP arrived, and Little Prince flipped!! He went from playing rowdily but nicely to acting like a crazed lunatic!! This carried on until I'd had enough and sent him to get ready for bed! When he came back down me and Princess Lollipop were watching "Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs" (Hawee and a Dynamos) which is a fairly calm programme, so I let Little Prince watch cuddled up with us until Mr Messy came home and took him to bed. Mr Messy came down laughing - he'd noticed Little Prince's copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows "hidden" under his covers, and as soon as Mr Messy closed the bedroom door after putting Little Prince to bed, he heard "click" as Little Prince turned his reading light on lol. Both me and Mr Messy remember reading in bed (sometimes under the covers with a torch lol) when we were children, so we don't really object. And besides Little Prince is getting older and could probably have a later bedtime, but me and Mr Messy need the peace and quiet - so this way suits everyone :-)

As Mr Messy is watching football (urgh!!) I'm on the internet blogging and now Drama Teen has come down chatting to her about her English AS level coursework. And she is keeping us amused by mangling trying to read what it says on the t-shirt LMS sent Mr Messy for his birthday - sometimes I really wonder HOW she is managing to do A level English!!!

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23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

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