Monday, 18 October 2010


I was super organised this morning!! I got me and the littlies ready and up to school in plenty of time, not my usual last minute scramble!! I loaded and set off the dishwasher. I got a wash on and even remembered to set the timer so it will finish just before I get home, I don't like leaving wet washing in the machine for too long. I packed aup the Halloween decorations and office supplies I'd bought for OUR shop and put them in the car. Didn't I do well?!? Well yes - up to a point!! I'd got Princess Lollipop into her buggy, got all the decorations and office supplies loaded on the buggy and was almost at OUR shop door, when I realised I'd forgotten OUR shop keys!!! ARGH!!!! So we went back to the car, put all the decorations, the office supplies, the buggy and Princess Lollipop BACK in the car and drove back home to get the keys!!

At home we had yet another card from the postman to say he couldn't deliver a parcel, I had seen him round the corner so once I'd collected the keys I chased off after him. He told me that when I'd collected my parcel at weekend, the post office staff had forgotten to give me all the other little parcels that were there for me!! So I went to collect them, its a good job I drove round and parked right outside as there were LOADS!! Even Princess Lollipop had to carry some!!

We finally got back to OUR shop and opened up, we were only five minutes late too!! Princess Lollipop stayed in her buggy while I unwrapped all the parcels, she wasn't impressed at all - she wanted "UP out." We now have the blank business cards that fit our new label printer. Now we will be able to put prices on all the shop samples we have on display, which I think will be a lot better - I will instantly know what prices to tell customers and no one will be upset that they didn't know what everything cost before they ordered. I've just got to wait for Mr Messy to figure out how to work the label printer and we are away :-)

Our pretty "Open/Closed" sign arrived too, but in all the rush this morning I forgot to pick up the window sucker hook to hang it on OUR shop door!! The pack of pine cones I'd ordered to add to the Autumn decor in OUR shop arrived too, I'll put those out when Princess Lollipop has her nap. She is now fast asleep and I can't find anywhere to put the pine cones that doesn't look too cluttered and messy. So I'll save them and probably put them on my door wreath - I'm pulling apart our Christmas wreath from home and redecorating it in an Autumn theme and hanging it on OUR shop door. Well I'll hang it up if its any good!!!

Its been a very quiet morning in OUR shop, no visitors so far. And its quite chilly in here today too, we might have to splash out on putting the heater on!! Well now we have had two visitors, the first was the receptionist at the Doctor's Surgery where we had our injections for travelling to Ethiopia - she remembers us, Little Prince made a BIG impression!!! Then we had a lady come in to check if we could do a family photo shoot for her Mother's 70th birthday. She wanted studio shots with a white background, but I managed to persuade her that Mr Messy's lifestyle on location type of shoot would work and she took a leaflet, and is going to check when she can get her far flung family together for a shoot early next year. And probably our last visitor for today was a young Dad and his little boy (Mum and the dog stayed outside) who wanted to know how much it would be to put a picture onto a canvas. And I was wrong another lady came in to ask how much it would be to put a picture from a mobile phone onto a canvas! I said it might not be able to go too big as phone pictures aren't that good quality, but she took away a price list and said she'd talk to her Gran and get back to us. The picture is of her Mum's horse that she lost recently.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't the shop keys on your car keys?


Janet said...


One set of keys didn't have a working key to the storeroom, so we were both using the same set! I forgot I hadn't put them back in my bag after Dad used them this weekend and set off without them.
Dad got another storeroom key cut so now we both have a full set, so I can attach them to my car keys now and it won't happen again!!
love love love

Anonymous said...

But there was 3 sets of keys..? Or did you replace all the locks? Very confusing, anyway, glad you got to work eventually! :P xxxxxxxxxx

Janet said...

The decorator has still got a set!! We have to get him back in so we haven't bothered about getting the keys yet!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh ok, now I understand! :)

Has Lil Bro got his email now? Did you ever show him that photo I edited to have them side-by-side?


Janet said...

It was his Parent's Evening tonight, so I haven't had chance to show him. I did show him the photoshopped photo, but he was in a bad mood so wasn't impressed!! I'll try again lol.

Anonymous said...

lol! Fair enough :) Parents evening go well? xxxxxxxxx


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