Sunday, 17 October 2010


Mr Messy was wonderful last night :-) He slept on the side of the bed next to Princess Lollipop's cot, he went to bed earlier than I did and even remembered to swap our pillows over (we have completely different firmness of pillows and I can't sleep on his at all!!). I could still hear Princess Lollipop call out, but I wasn't getting kicked or poked by her all night, that was Mr Messy's privilege!! I got up with the littlies when Princess Lollipop woke up, and Mr Messy had a lie in. Little Prince had been up for hours, he'd watched a film and the Time Team Viking special we had taped, and when I got down he was watching kids cartoons.

He insisted he didn't want breakfast, but I insisted he would have some!! After breakfast we played until Mr Messy came down, when I left him with the littlies and got on with some jobs. Then me and Little Prince finished off tidying the kitchen, Mr Messy had emptied the dishwasher while he made his toast. So at least the kitchen looks slightly more presentable!!

After an hour or so more playing it became obvious that Princess Lollipop was ready for her nap. Little Prince was in a very bouncy mood, so I took Princess Lollipop upstairs and laid down with her for her nap (so I got a sort of lie in too, yeah). A couple of hours later Princess Lollipop was starting to come round, when Mr Messy came up to get ready to take Drama Teen to see her Boyfriend. Little Prince wasn't far behind him, and while I got Princess Lollipop in the bath and dealt with her hair, I persuaded him to get dressed. As soon as I'd finished Princess Lollipop's hair, Little Prince got UNdressed and joined her in the bath. She had got VERY upset about having her hair done, and was not impressed with her bath being invaded and no amount of persuading would calm her down. So I got her out and got her dressed, while Little Prince got dressed again! They ran around my bedroom while I got dressed, but eventually we were all downstairs and dressed, and it was only mid-afternoon lol.

Not long after Mr Messy arrived home, we got a call from my Mum :-) It was lovely chatting to her, especially in peace and quiet - I hid in our bedroom lol. I've told her I'm blogging again and she said she'd come and read it, so HI MUM :-) It must be a day for talking to Mums as later Mr Messy's Mum rang too. She had some not so good news, Mr Messy's Uncle is seriously ill in hospital with inoperable cancer :-( We will have to try to get over there to visit him, and soon.

I had meant to get over to OUR shop and take all the cardboard and rubbish to the recycling centre, but didn't have time in the end. The cardboard and rubbish isn't in the way in the back store room, so I'll leave it till next weekend instead.

The rest of the day was spent pottering round the house and not doing much. A nice restful day before I'm back in OUR shop again tomorrow. I took Princess Lollipop in the car with me while I drove over to pick up Drama Teen from her Boyfriend's house. Little Prince stayed here to do his homework with Daddy and get to bed on time, ready for school tomorrow. Princess Lollipop fell asleep on the way there, and didn't wake up till I stopped at the village shop to get some choccie treats for the grown ups!! Mr Messy got Princess Lollipop ready for bed, while I nipped upstairs to say goodnight to Little Prince. I found him sat cross legged in front of his wardrobes, meditating in the dark, which is apparently a lot of fun!! I managed to persuade him to get in bed. And ten minutes later went and told him to stop singing, loudly - him not me!! I paid for my latest purchases on Ebay, and when Drama Teen saw what I was doing she got me to buy her a t-shirt and jumper and paid me out of her wages straight away :-) She is now doing her homework, she has to finish it as it is due in tomorrow! Fingers crossed she will also have time to do the urgent pile of ironing I need doing before tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Aww :( is that the Uncle that made my dolls house and things? I'm guessing so as I know he was very sick before I left :( That's really sad, hows Auntie M doing about it all? :(


Janet said...

Yes, sadly its Uncle R :-( He's in the best local hospital, but has been found to have more tumours and its now inoperable. He's not in pain and Auntie M is there all the time and Nana goes as often as she can too. He is a lovely, lovely man and its so sad :-(
We are going to try and get over next Sunday and I'll tell everyone you are thinking of them.
Love love love

Anonymous said...

That's really sad :( I'm glad he's not in any pain though. Give them all big hugs from me and tell them I send my love, I'm very sorry I can't be there :( LMS xxxxx

Janet said...

Dad is busy at weekend, so he is going to try and visit Auntie M and Uncle R at hospital one day after work. I'll make sure he tells them you are thinking of them.
Love love love


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