Monday, 11 October 2010

New Day - New Job!!!

Well for the first time since before LMS (our 21 year old!!) was born I am starting work this morning!! I didn't sleep well last night worrying about how I would manage and how it would go, and how Princess Lollipop would cope too and if Little Prince was going to be ok!! So I was exhausted when the alarm went off, I couldn't ignore it and had to get straight up - it was so nice last week having Mr Messy here to get up and get Little Prince ready for me!! I had got as much stuff ready last night as I could, so all I had to do was make sure me and the kids got ready on time and everything would be ok.

As soon as he heard my alarm go off Little Prince came in, he said he still felt sick and too hot. I checked and he didn't have a temperature and then he started talking about when he was sick last night. He said he was "scratching his tonsils, even though I don't know what tonsils are" he then proceeded to demonstrate sticking his fingers right down his throat!! I grabbed them out again before he had chance to start gagging and explained to him that it wasn't a good idea and could make him very poorly. He seemed his normal bouncy self after that and managed to eat all his breakfast, so I decided that the sickness had probably been self induced (even if it was by accident) and that he could go to school. He was happy with the idea as he wanted to see his friends and got washed and dressed with no fuss at all.

I talked to his teacher when I dropped him off and explained about the "tonsil scratching" and sickness. She agreed that he looked his normal self and didn't seem ill at all, and was fine about him staying at school. I mentioned that I would be at OUR shop today and that she would have to get me on my mobile if she needed me to come and pick Little Prince up. I assured her it would be no problem and to call me if there were any problems with him.

Then it was time for me and Princess Lollipop to set off to work - singing Heigh Ho of course :-) Before going to OUR shop I had to nip to the bank and then go to the Bistro and pay for the buns Mr Messy had ordered for the opening day. He'd ordered them and the lady had tried to deliver them, just as he had popped out to pick up the flowers from the florists. Mr Messy then got caught up in chatting to people, lost track of time and never got round to calling the Bistro or sending Drama Teen round to collect the buns!!! The Bistro owner was a little peeved that she had arranged for the buns to be made late Friday evening, had tried to deliver them as requested by Mr Messy and he wasn't in and didn't get in touch to say what was going on!! Mr Messy was equally peeved that she hadn't called him to say what was going on too!!! As they had been kept in airtight containers the Bistro owner offered to bring them down to OUR shop later so that at least me and Princess Lollipop could have one for our lunch and then take them home in the evening.

When me and Princess Lollipop arrived at OUR shop, she immediately started shouting for Daddy and was very disappointed that he wasn't here! Everytime a car pulled up outside she got excited thinking it was Daddy again!! She eventually settled down and started to explore the mini wicker sofa full of toys and playing with the Lego I'd put in there for her. She played really well all morning, and only got a little fractious when it was getting near to her nap time. I was surprised at how well she slept in her Snuggle Sac (fleecy toddler sleeping bag) on the floor. She slept through two people coming in and two phone calls from Daddy!!

I spent all morning trying to get my laptop to charge up!! The plug socket on the back of the laptop is temperamental and will only connect if the plug is in "just so"!! It was so frustrating, I could get the thing to turn on and then it would lose the connection and turn itself off again just as I tried to do anything!!! I eventually got it working while Princess Lollipop had her nap, just as we got the two visitors!! Don't they realise I have social networking to check out lol!!

The first visitor was a Mum and her little boy, who will be 3 tomorrow asking about prices for photoshoots. She said she likes to have the family's picture taken around the little boy's birthday each year, and loved the pictures on display. The little boy was keen to get off to visit Granny so they didn't stay very long. The next visitor was an old bloke, who first asked if we could do re-prints? I said we could only copy photographs if he had the original digital file or the original negatives and if it was out of copyright. That seemed to sail right over his head!! So I suggested he bring the photograph in and we could look at it and tell him what we could or couldn't do!! He then spent the next half an hour talking (and repeating himself endlessly!) about when he used to make wedding videos. He also kept banging his cane on the floor to emphasise his many points!! I was dreading Princess Lollipop waking up and starting to cry! Luckily she managed to sleep through his whole visit :-)

Mr Messy rang a couple of times to check how we were getting on, and if we had any visitors. And also to let me know that the framer was due to arrive before 2.30pm to drop off/pick up some samples. Its now 2.35pm and she's not here!! I have to close the shop at 3pm to go and collect Little Prince from school, so I hope she comes soon!! The staff member from last week's charity photo shoot hasn't come in to collect her disc of images either!! I hope they realise that we are only open 9.30am till 3pm!!

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