Monday, 4 October 2010

Party time

Mr Messy and Drama Teen arrived home just before Princess Lollipop woke up from her nap. Once she was properly awake she was fairly happy to be left with Dad and Big Sis, while I took Little Prince to his friend D's birthday party. It was at an indoor play centre, and like all the boys in Little Prince's class it was a kids Laser Quest party. I really started something when I booked that for Little Prince!! The weather was ATROCIOUS on the drive to the party, so we were a little late, much to Little Prince's disgust!! He had been wanting to leave an hour earlier so that we wouldn't be late!! We were just turning to the car park when we noticed another car, with Little Prince's friend C's family in it, they grinned, turned round and followed us to the car park. The car park isn't that obvious if you haven't been before and I don't think they knew where they were going lol. Even though we ran to the entrance we still got very wet, hope the rain lets up soon!!

Little Prince signed himself in, insisting his age was written as 7 AND A HALF on the sign in sheet :-) As soon as he got in he threw off his shoes and ran off to find his friends, I saw a few Mum's that I recognised and went to sit on an adjacent table. I was shocked when Postlady and her husband called me over to sit with them!!! Relieved too as I didn't want to sit on my own, especially on the table next to H's Mum and Dad, Little Prince and H have always had an adversarial relationship and H's Mum blames it all on Little Prince! Postlady chatted away as though we had never had any problems, it was quite bizarre!! She told me how the building of their new house was going, we gossiped about our mutual friend K and various other village happenings! I had to laugh to myself when she told me that she was shocked at how quickly K had got involved with another man since splitting with her husband. And then in the next breath she was telling me about her new friend, who they went to the cinema with every weekend and were going on holiday together next year! I don't think she saw the irony lol.

The party went well and all the kids seemed to have a great time. However, when it got near to food time they were getting a little silly, which of course meant Little Prince got a LOT silly!! At one point he slid down the slide right into two of his friends who were climbing up the slide, which made them both cry. Even though the girls shouldn't have been climbing up the slide, I still made Little Prince apologise and asked him not to slide down if there was someone climbing up! Next the boys started hanging from some bars above the bottom of the slide, or standing at the bottom of the slide as people slid down and then jumping out of the way at the last minute. Even though her son was just as involved as the other boys I could feel the disapproval emanating from H's Mum and made Little Prince stop this trick!! Luckily the food was ready moments later and that distracted them all. Little Prince was the first to re-appear from the party food room, he isn't that bothered about ice cream and wanted to get back on the play equipment instead. I let him have five more minutes play, before the party bags were given out and it was time to go home.

On the drive home Little Prince told me he hadn't eaten much as he didn't like the food, so I got him a Happy Meal at the drive through, he loved the extra treat :-) When we got home Princess Lollipop ran to me shouting "Mummy Mummy" and clung round my neck for ages - its lovely to be wanted :-) I had to detach her and go and help Little Prince complete his homework, which she wasn't too happy about! However, we couldn't find the homework sheet from earlier in the week!! I looked all over but couldn't find it, so I got Little Prince to practice writing his spelling words instead. Of course as soon as we'd given up and I'd got him to get ready for bed the sheet turned up, buried under Drama Teen's post from LMS!!! We'll get the homework done after school on Monday instead, Mr Messy is at home to help look after Princess Lollipop so we'll have enough time. Luckily Little Prince's teacher is VERY understanding about the difficulties I have getting him to do his homework and will be ok about it being a day late.

Princess Lollipop spent the evening obviously very very tired, but refused to go to sleep. She eventually fell asleep lay next to me on the sofa, but not until after a LOT of protesting!! She did however, sleep well through the night so perhaps it was worth it :-)

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