Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tuesday Evening

Just as we were getting ready to leave OUR shop, a lady called in to collect her framing that had arrived back yesterday. She was smitten with Princess Lollipop and spent quite a while cooing over her, I don't blame her :-) Then she commented that her photograph was larger than she had thought it would be, and she would put it up when her family visited and take it down when they'd gone home as she didn't have enough room to have it up all the time!! She seemed happy with the photo framing apart from that, so that's good!

When we arrived at school Little Prince immediately asked if I could wait and talk to J's Dad and see if J could come to our house. He went to play on the play equipment while we waited to see J's Dad, who agreed that J could come and play. As the weather is sunny and not wet (and how many days like that are we going to get now its Autumn!!) I took the boys and Princess Lollipop to the village park. The boys ran off to play and were soon engrossed in a game of football with some other boys, while I supervised Princess Lollipop on the slide. She had a great time. The boys seemed to be playing alright until I caught them hitting their friend C!! I made them both apologise and play somewhere else for a while. Princess Lollipop noticed C had a football and ran over to him shouting "ball ball" he was a little sweetie and let her play with his ball for ages. He even pretended to let her score goals past him :-) She won most tackles by running towards him shouting "Want it ball." After a while some other boys C's age arrived to play and Princess Lollipop got very upset that they were playing properly and she couldn't keep up, which caused a lot of tears! J and Little Prince joined back in the game, but I had to tell Little Prince off when he pushed a 3 year old boy to get the ball! I once again made him apologise and told him this behaviour was totally unacceptable. I allowed them one last chance to play nicely, which didn't last long before they were wrestling with each other! So I took them back to the car and we went home.

As usual Little Prince and J were crazy!! They had a couple of Mr Messy's Grand Opening buns and then went to play in Little Prince's room! By the time J's Dad arrived to collect him the room looked like a bombsite! They'd been having a teddy fight which involved them throwing all the cuddlies at each other!! Little Prince is refusing to tidy up saying J should do it as he threw most, and I'm trying (unsuccessfully so far) to persuade him to do some of it!!

Drama Teen has returned from college and gone straight for a shower. Hopefully she will be finished in time to look after the littlies so I can cook their tea, which gets referred to as "evening edibles" so that Princess Lollipop doesn't get too impatient!!

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