Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I had my first test of seeing if I could bath and comb through Princess Lollipop's hair, and still get ready for work and get Little Prince to school on time. I couldn't leave Princess Lollipop's hair till tomorrow as it was already starting to tangle too much, I only comb it in the bath when its soaked in conditioner and it needs doing every other day or with two days in between at the very most. The only trouble is that bathing her that often ruins her skin, and we are going through so much Shea Butter at the moment to compensate!! Anyway I managed to get Princess Lollipop's hair done in enough time to still get everyone ready, and we were still on time for school :-) It proves it can be done :-) Little Prince was panicking when I ran the bath, and went stomping out of the bathroom saying he knew he was going to be late for school and it would all be my fault! So I'm glad we managed to get there on time :-)

Me and Princess Lollipop had the most visitors to OUR shop that we've had so far! Someone asking if we could frame a cross-stitch picture, someone asking if we could make a really large picture from an ordinary sized photograph (of her late mother so she'd really like it if we can manage it), one of our shop neighbours (who is the Gran of one of Drama Teen's Primary School friends) and a couple of enquiries about booking photo shoots. And the lady from the Primary School Mr Messy did a charity photoshoot with last week, finally came and collected her disk of photographs - I was beginning to panic that we'd missed her!! Princess Lollipop still managed to squeeze in time for a nap and lots of playing :-) She was quite disturbed last night which meant she was tired today, so most of the morning she wanted to be "Up Mummy" but after her nap she was much happier and toddled off to play. That gave me chance to research luxury presentation boxes for Mr Messy's new Boudoir Photography photo sessions. I couldn't find what we wanted "off the peg" so have sent off for three bespoke quotations. I also thought to ask Mad Cat Lady if they could make something suitable, as part of their business is making reproduction steamer trunks. I'd much rather give her company the business than someone we don't know.

When I got to school to pick Little Prince up, the nursery teacher came to talk to me and unfortunately it was to tell me that they are stopping running the "Stay and Play" sessions for the pre-school children due to budget constraints. I haven't been able to make it very much recently as the session moved to the afternoons and Princess Lollipop is napping during the time the session runs. But it is a great resource for families with little ones to get together and for the littlies to socialise, and it will be really missed. We are going to try and make next weeks last session to say goodbye, Princess Lollipop will be quite upset as she loves going to her "school" :-(

I had just put the children in the car when T's Mum asked if Little Prince would like to go round to play. He was out of the car so fast lol. Princess Lollipop then sat there shouting for her brother at the top of her voice, while me and T's Mum had a quick chat. All the way home she kept asking where he was and even shouted him when we came in the front door. She adores her big brother - even though she upsets him by refusing to have a kiss or hug from him!

Drama Teen arrives home from college at about 5pm, so I thought I could ask her to go and collect her brother from T's house down the street. She had forgotten to take her packed lunch this morning, so she was starving hungry and said she would look after Princess Lollipop while I nipped out to collect Little Prince. Just as I was stepping out of the door Mr Messy rang up, he asked to speak to me and said he couldn't wait for me to get back from T's house, and he'd talk to me later. I was left wondering what he wanted for the next couple of hours until he arrived home - and all it turned out to be was he was letting me know he was leaving work!!

Little Prince was also starving hungry when he arrived home so I put a quick pizza on for him and Princess Lollipop for their tea. Little Prince fussed and messed with his, despite him claiming starvation!!! Princess Lollipop just tucked her way in and finished before he did!! After some playing and TV time it was time for Little Prince to get ready for bed, just as Mr Messy arrived home. Mr Messy took him to bed and then came down and said we had to go to the supermarket and get a printer for the shop!! I had a few bits and bobs I could do with getting so I got my list, got the by now very fussy Princess Lollipop ready and we set off, leaving Drama Teen in charge!! Princess Lollipop fell asleep on the drive to the supermarket, but woke up when we got there and tried to transfer her to her laid down buggy!! When we had finished Princess Lollipop insisted we went to MacDonalds!! She finally got her own way, when we had repeatedly said "No" by sadly saying "Bye bye hot hot tea." Daddy couldn't have his baby girl sad, so we went over there lol. He is so twisted round all his children's little fingers :-)

After our impromptu meal we drove round to OUR shop to drop off the printer, paper and spare ink cartridges we had bought. Princess Lollipop who had been quite happy while we were driving burst into tears, she wanted to go into her shop and play with her "Nee Naw Horsie" (see saw horse AKA rocking horse!). We got everything dropped off as quickly as we could and went back home, where she promptly fell fast sleep :-)

Drama Teen reported no problems with Little Prince, thank goodness!! And went off to make her pasta meal - she LOVES this particular brand of pre-prepared pasta with chicken and bacon, in a cheesy sauce. She and Her Boyfriend tried to make there own once, but didn't get it quite right, the sauce was like water!! So now she sticks to the pre-prepared one!!

I spent an hour researching prices for the ideas I've got for Christmas presents for the littlies, I found what I thought was a bargain on Ebay was seriously over-priced for one present and cancelled my snipe bid!! I'm glad I looked at real shop prices before buying it from Ebay!! I've now got a good idea of what we can give the littlies for Christmas and am trying to get some bargains from Ebay where possible. If I spread the cost out starting now, it shouldn't be such a shock come December!!

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