Saturday, 27 November 2010

Rest of Saturday

Unfortunately we couldn't calm Little Prince down, despite numerous chances he could not stop misbehaving and acting crazy and was sent to bed early :-( I feel bad for him as I know he can't help getting wound up when he's excited and he finds it nearly impossible to calm back down again, but it is so wearing when he is like that and sometimes he is so hyped up the only way to get him to calm down is to get him to sleep. When Mr Messy took him in the kitchen to give him his medicine he threw the tablets on the floor and screamed and shouted, eventually he calmed down and took the pills! He then stamped and screamed his way up the stairs to bed, I hope he's ok by tomorrow as Mr Messy and Drama Teen are out all day and the roads look very very icy so I don't fancy driving anywhere! Wish me luck - I'll need it!!!

Once Little Prince was finally settled in bed we called LMS on the FaceTime thingie and chatted to her and her Boyfriend. Well we didn't do much chatting as it turned into the Princess Lollipop show lol. She did all her "tricks"for them - jumping, running, throwing herself on the floor and laughing!! And she even did some counting and said her full name (with some prompting). Boyfriend was thrilled that she instantly remembered his name and said "Hello" to him :-)

After that we had our tea and then it was about time for Mr Messy to take Drama Teen's Boyfriend home, he was NOT looking forward to the drive on the icy roads! Whichever way you leave our village you are on icy, untreated roads! He was going to take my 4x4 but as it hasn't been moved all day it was still covered in snow and iced up, so he took his own car instead. I worried the whole time they were all out! And it took well over the hour the drop off trip normally takes!

While they were out I tried to get Princess Lollipop settled down to sleep, she was having none of it!! She squirmed and wriggled and shouted "NO SWEEP" (no sleep) as loudly as she could. She was just settling down when the phone rang and she was very happy to chat to Gwamaa and DadDad (Grandma and Grandad) instead of going to sleep!! When I managed to get a word in it was lovely to talk to my Mum too :-) She was very surprised to hear that the Advent Calendars she had sent (in individual packages) the children had arrived already! Little Prince was thrilled to bits, firstly to get some post and secondly to get an Advent Calendar full of choccies :-) When we had finished chatting I tried again to get Princess Lollipop to sleep, she was almost dozing off when Mr Messy and Drama Teen arrived home - so that was the end of sleep again!!

Drama Teen played with Princess Lollipop for a little while, before she went off upstairs to get her homework finished. She'll have no time tomorrow and its due in on Monday, once she'd finished she went straight to bed as she and Mr Messy have another early start tomorrow. Probably even earlier to take into account the bad weather driving conditions!! Me and Mr Messy watched "I'm a Celebrity" and we are totally on Shaun Ryder's side in his argument with Gillian McKeith!! She is SOOO annoying and pathetic!!!! Princess Lollipop finally fell asleep while we were watching, phew I was beginning to wonder if she'd be up all night!! When it had finished Mr Messy watched some Match of the Day while I updated my blog and then we all went to bed - see you in the morning :-)

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