Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snowy Sunday!!

Mr Messy and Drama Teen were up early again today, they had to do two lifestyle shoots this morning and a commercial modelling shoot this afternoon. Although Drama Teen is modelling in the final shoot rather than photographing. As the roads were still very icy they set off in my 4x4, but then came back and swapped into Mr Messy's car! I was still in bed so wasn't sure what was going on!!

Little Prince came to wake me and Princess Lollipop up and then they decided to play a throwing teddy game, with me as the "net" in the middle!! I soon gave up on staying in bed any longer and we all went downstairs for breakfast. Little Prince had been snacking since he woke up, so didn't want any breakfast, but me and Princess Lollipop tucked into some nice warm toast :-)

After breakfast Little Prince went to play in the garden again, he might as well make the most of the snow it won't be there too long (I hope!!). He came in all cold and shivery, but VERY happy :-) Soon afterwards Drama Teen rang to say they had completed the first shoot, and it had gone really well, it was the drive there that had been a nightmare! They were on their way to the second shoot, which was in OUR shop, as it was a brother/sister young adults, who wanted the photos as a surprise for their parent's for Christmas. When they had finished that shoot they came home for a short while, so that they could get some lunch and Drama Teen could collect her make up. I asked what went on with the car swapping earlier, and they'd had to change cars because my car heater wasn't working properly and wouldn't de-mist the windows.

When they'd left Little Prince decided to go back into the garden again!! He found a couple of sticks and was playing a blend of Harry Potter and Star Wars with them. Then he said he was cold so he tried to rub them together to make a fire, he wondered why I wasn't worried he would burn himself lol!! Then it started to snow pretty hard, urgh I'd hoped it would be melting soon!! Little Prince got even colder and the "fire making plan" wasn't working, so he came in to warm up, he's snuggled up on the sofa reading a book at the moment. And Princess Lollipop is sat beside him "reading" one of her books, she loves to do whatever her Beloved BrudBrud does :-)

Soon after this Princess Lollipop went to sleep for her nap, she slept on her own for a while before waking up and demanding "UP Mummy" then she fell back to sleep on my lap. I had her snoozing on my lap,and Little Prince cuddled up next to me reading his Harry Potter, a lovely, quiet, blissful time - it doesn't get any better than this :-) Princess Lollipop eventually woke up when Mr Messy's Mum rang. Unfortunately it was bad news, Mr Messy's Dad (his Mum and Dad divorced years ago) has now been diagnosed with bone cancer and hasn't got a good prognosis. We haven't seen or spoken to his Dad and Stepmum for a LONG time, since before we went to Ethiopia to adopt Princess Lollipop. This is because he called Mr Messy's brother's black girlfriend a n*gger! I will NOT subject my children and especially my precious daughter, to that sort of view and language EVER, so we haven't seen, spoken or called them since that incident. However, if the prognosis is as bad as Mr Messy's Mum says then I might have to bend that view.

Mr Messy also rang up to say that he and Drama Teen had reached the end of their busy day and were both tired and hungry. So they are going to go and find somewhere to eat before coming home.

Little Prince and Princess Lollipop are now playing a crazy game of beat each other up with balloons!! Although I have to keep reminding Little Prince how much bigger and stronger he is and that he has to be gentle and careful with his little sister!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Grandad B :( How's Uncle R doing? I haven't heard anything about him for a while..? LMS xoxoxox

Janet said...

Uncle R is at home now and has physio sessions, he manages with a zimmer frame in the house and a wheelchair outside. There are concerns about Auntie M as she has lost a considerable amount of weight in a very short time, and unless it stops she will have to have blood tests to find out why. And Nana M has been told she has a small tumour behind her eye, although she didn't say how serious it was. Dad will ring her tomorrow and find out more and I'll let you know.
Love love love

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a whole lot of people getting sick :( I hope that Nana and Auntie M's will be ok. Glad that Uncle R is home at least :) Keep me updated xxxxxxxxxx

Janet said...

I thought exactly the same thing about hearing how many people were ill :-( Of course I'll let you know how everyone is.
Love love love


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