Monday, 29 November 2010

More Snow Monday!!

Mr Messy did the morning school run, taking Little Prince to school in the snow that was frozen all over the pavements. He wouldn't let Little Prince use his scooter though!! He told me later that he had real trouble trying to keep Little Prince out of the snow and dry on the way to school and this carried on when they reached the playground. Luckily Little Prince's teacher was on playground duty and noticed and rang the bell to get all the children inside earlier than usual! She did apologise to Mr Messy saying she wouldn't be able to keep him dry over the lunchtime play time!

Mr Messy then went off to OUR shop, where he was to be assisted by a girl from the local High School on work experience. I decided I didn't want to drive to OUR shop on the icy roads and had a day at home instead. I was joined by Drama Teen, who's college was closed due to the bad weather. I got her to supervise Princess Lollipop in the bath while I got some ironing done, before I went in to condition and comb through Princess Lollipop's hair.

I got some tidying up done and a load of washing washed and dried. Then when Princess Lollipop had her nap we watched on of the Harry Potter DVDs. It finished just in time for me to go and collect Little Prince from school. When I got Drama Teen was watching the "extras" dvd, and Little Prince was really interested, however, as soon as Drama Teen got bored she turned it off! Little Prince was really upset by this :-( Drama Teen went off to her bedroom for a while, and Little Prince went to look for his Blankie that had gone missing yesterday. He couldn't find it and was getting really agitated, so I eventually got Drama Teen doenstairs and went to look myself. I found Blankie in Little Prince's dressing gown pocket, where I'd already told him to look!!

When I was in Little Prince's room I got so cross at keep standing on bits of Lego everywhere that I dragged Little Prince up to help me sort the mess out! He insisted on sorting the Minifigures into one box and the rest of the Lego pieces into his big box! It took over an hour to get a path cleared from his door to his bed - it was THAT bad!! We were both fed up with it by then so I made Little Prince put all his cuddlies and books away while I scooped the rest of the Lego into a big pile under Little Prince's cabin bed. I also sorted the pieces of his wooden fort into a box and stacked neatly. His bedroom looks like a completely different place!! Tomorrow we'll finish it off and see how long it takes him to wreck it this time!! I reckon it will be less than a week!!

When we got back downstairs Mr Messy was back from OUR shop, Drama Teen cooked the littlies tea, mainly to get a break from a very whingy Princess Lollipop I think lol. I supervised them both eating their tea, and Princess Lollipop is getting so adept at using a fork as well as a spoon. She is also very strong minded and will only eat what she wants to eat - "tawots" (carrots), "sweepcom" (sweetcorn)" and "fiss" (fish) tonight! There was a definite NO to the "bwotwee" (broccoli).

After their later tea, it was soon time for Little Prince to go to bed. Mr Messy then made himself a pizza and brought it into the lounge to eat. He was upset because Princess Lollipop (despite eating most of her own tea) wanted to share! Any food that is brought into the lounge has Princess Lollipop's name on it! I had my own tea a little later, I was supposed to eat with Drama Teen but she decided she didn't want anything! And Princess Lollipop shared mine too! She has definitely got her appetite back!!

We watched I'm a Celebrity, and I was THRILLED that the gargoyle Gillian has been evicted! She annoyed me so much, she whinged and complained and did nothing! And she refused to take any responsibility for her own actions, all her histrionics were blamed on "allergies" "phobias" and even her being pregnant!!! Although a couple of days after that she was complaining of period pains!! So glad to see the back of her!!

I'm finishing writing this and then going to my nice warm snuggly bed. There is more snow forecast for tomorrow and I'm dreading it!!! I hate hate hate being cold :-(


Anonymous said...

LOL so she still doesn't like broccoli then? :P Whenever I fed the two of them I wound up just switching Bro's carrots for Sis's broccoli! Between them they ate all of their veg :P Sorry to hear you're so cold! Has Bro got bored of playing in the snow now then? LMS xoxoxxoxo

Janet said...

Yep she still hates broccoli lol, and I usually do that too - they make a good veg eating team between them :-)
Nope he is still loving it!! He was freezing when he came in from school - no wonder his socks were soaked through!!!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe you should stop making her eat the broccoli, you big meanie :P Glad she ate the other stuff...and all of yours too! Definitely feeling better I think :) Hope Bro doesn't get too cold and wet, at least he's enjoying it, even if no-one else is!! :) xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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