Monday, 29 November 2010

Should I make him confess??

Little Prince was chatting while he and Princess Lollipop had their tea, and he told me that his teacher had cried today! He explained that some of the children had made a lovely snowman (with a top, middle and bottom and everything lol) but then other kids had kicked it all to pieces. He said the whole school got told off and the ones who did it were in BIG trouble. Then he admitted that he had kicked the snowman, but "luckily I didn't get caught, so I didn't get in trouble." He really loves his teacher and was very upset that she cried and knows that she would be very disappointed with him if she knew he had been involved, and he hates to disappoint her. So do I make him confess or let it ride??


Anonymous said...

How much did he kick it? If he just kicked it once because everyone else was doing it, maybe let it slide. If he instigated it (I'd be surprised if he did) or if he did a lot of the destruction, then maybe..? He shouldn't do things like that and get away with it, but seeing his beloved teacher so upset was probably a huge punishment for him anyway. Him understanding why people are upset seems to make a much bigger impact than a punishment, so what more would they be able to do? He knows she's upset, he knows she's disappointed...I really don't know to be honest!! LMS xoxoxoxo

kn said...

You might talk to him about how he will probably feel much better if he told her than if he didn't. That keeping something inside always makes something bigger than it is. He's not perfect, no one expects him to be and that's totally OK. He's really young. I think I would tell him that he doesn't have to tell her because he's really young and it's hard to say when we've made a mistake but that as he grows up he'll find out how much better it is when two friends, like he and his teacher can admit to making mistakes and just be themselves and then they will know they truly have a friend.

We had these kind of talks with Quinn when he was little and they seemed to help. He now is the kind of kid who will confess when he's the one that didn't get caught but his friends did ( I forget the last transgression - I think it was talking in line at school!)

Those are my words of wisdom tonight. Ask me tomorrow and I'll probably say something totally different! Seems how it is with me lately.

Janet said...

Hi LMS and KN,
I've had a chat with Little Prince and we've agreed that I will go with him tomorrow (snow day today!) and we'll tell his teacher together. He is very, very worried about getting shouted at or in trouble. He did say he only kicked the snowman once and then thought it wasn't a good idea and stopped, so I'm proud of him for that and I'm sure that his teacher will be too. Although I think she will be disappointed in him too.
Thanks for the advice both of you


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