Thursday, 25 November 2010

Rest of Thursday

Well Princess Lollipop only got half an hours nap before she was woken up by three consecutive visitors to the shop! So she was still in a grumpy mood! Mr Messy had already left to nip home and change into smarter clothes ready for a photoshoot this evening (the local High School's Prom Fair). He stayed at home so that he could pick Little Prince up from school and bring him back to OUR shop with him. When they got back to OUR shop, Mr Messy had to leave the littlies with me and go round to the High School to meet the Prom Show organiser and discuss what she wanted from the shoot. However she wasn't there when she said she would be, so Mr Messy was soon back at OUR shop. Once he was back I was able to take the littlies home, well I decided to detour via the Supermarket so that I could pick up a Christmas Tree for OUR shop, and the littlies insisted on going out to eat while we were there.

It was snowing on the drive there, although none of the snow stuck, so it didn't affect the roads. But you know that tunnel effect you get when driving through snow with your lights on? Little Prince noticed and shouted "Lightspeed to Endor" from the back seat, and he was right it did look a little like the Star War's lightspeed effect :-)

I managed to find the tree I wanted, a 6ft pre lit tree with silver decorations included at a bargain price. Looking at the decorations I'm going to have to supplement them, especially the included tree topper, which is just a large silver ribbon bow, but apart from that its a great item for a great price :-) I also found Princess Lollipop a couple of cute hats and gloves sets, one was bright red with Minnie Mouse on it - she LOVES that one :-) And as usual when I go for "just a few bits" I end up spending loads more than I anticipate!! And that happens even more so when I have the littlies with me - both doing the "I want, I want" game all round the shop!!

After eating we drove home and the littlies had a little play before I got them to tidy up and got Little Prince to bed. Princess Lollipop will probably be close behind him as she is still very tired! What a treat that would be - an evening of peace and quiet :-)

As usual the best laid plans don't go to plan!! One of the cats (Fid-a-Bow aka Figaro) had been locked in Drama Teens bedroom all day and had pooed in there! YUK and YUK!!! I had to go and clean that up before I could relax! Finally I did get to put my feet up though :-) Bliss :-)

When Mr Messy and Drama Teen got back they weren't too happy! Mr Messy said the models didn't follow direction and didn't look at him when they reached the end of the catwalk! And to top it all off, Drama Teen's camera has developed a fault, so she couldn't take any photos!

The three of us watched celebrities being tortured in the Jungle to cheery ourselves up :-) But Drama Teen's Boyfriend rang up so she disappeared to talk to him for ages. After we finished watching that we watched some episodes of Modern Family, very very funny programme :-) We all love it :-)


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Exactly :-)

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It amused us both :) Though I did have to give a quick explanation about Star Tours so he knew why it was to Endor :P LMS xoxoxoxo


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