Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rest of Wednesday

I did leave Princess Lollipop with her Daddy while I went to get Little Prince from school, but she woke up just as I was leaving, and wasn't happy to wake up and see Mummy with her coat on walking out the door!! When I picked Little Prince up, I found he'd forgotten his coat this morning and he was almost in tears he was that cold. We rushed home to get him a coat (to warm him up) and his blankie (to cheer him up) before driving over to OUR shop to pick Princess Lollipop.

I managed to park right outside, which meant I didn't need to get Little Prince out of the car at all, and Mr Messy brought Princess Lollipop and her buggy out to the car. He stayed at OUR shop to meet Drama Teen when she arrived from college, as she had a Doctor's appointment for a check up. Me and the littlies came home and it was lovely to get in our warm house, the shop's heating isn't that efficient so its pretty chilly and outside its been bitterly cold today.

When Drama Teen and Mr Messy came home, they told me that the check up had shown that Drama Teen is 10kgs underweight! I know she's very very slim, but it was a bit shocking to learn that she is so underweight! Although the Doctor didn't mention it, Drama Teen just noticed what it said on the screen, so hopefully its nothing to worry about. Drama Teen made hers and the littlies tea, and then they all ate together while I rang Lil Sis to find out if my new niece has a name yet, and to see how they are all getting on, of course! Well that was the plan!! Drama Teen did make the tea, but she wasn't happy about supervising the eating part. She went to do it, but with a grumpy face, and soon came back saying Princess Lollipop wouldn't eat. Mr Messy said she probably wouldn't eat for him, and so I had to go and supervise while trying to talk to Lil Sis, so we didn't get much chatting done! I did find out my new niece's name though :-)


Anonymous said...

And you didn't instantly email me to tell me what it is?!!? :O Terrible! Shocking! I'm appalled! :P Give my bro a big warm hug from me :) How much is 10kgs in pounds? LMS xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Woops! Just checked my messages, never mind, I take it back :P LMS xoxoxo

Janet said...

Ha!! See if you'd given me a minute you would have seen I'd sent you a message!!! 10kg is about 22lbs!!!! Perhaps its because she is still only 16 that they didn't say anything?! Still worrying though!!

Anonymous said...

That's nearly 2 stone!! Well..1 and a half right? Woah! I thought she'd reached 8 stone and was proud of herself? What happened? Get that girl fattened up :P LMS oxoxoxoxox

Janet said...

If I could get her to eat more I would, you know I would! She is still about 8st I think, so perhaps its not that bad, with her being still 16 and BMI calculators are generally for adults. I just keep trying to make sure she eats regularly and somewhat healthily!!

Anonymous said...

Plus BMI calculators aren't always that accurate, it doesn't take some things into account. She's not THAT much taller than me, and the doctor told ME that I was just a "slim build", that if I reached 8st or so I wasn't underweight, I was just built like that. There's a picture of me and her stood next to eachother and you can SEE that her build is really pretty delicate. I've got a "wider" build. So perhaps she really is just built that way, but putting on weight would be a big help of course. If she can maintain a few pounds above 8st then she should be doing well. In my not very professional opinion!

Plus, when I was that age I really struggled to put on weight, I was doing well if I was just over 8st. Now, 5 years later I'm 9st, not through any concerted effort, I just put weight on!



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