Wednesday, 10 November 2010

VERY proud :-)

of both the littlies :-)

Little Prince brought home a certificate on Monday and made a big production of getting everyone into the lounge to show us all together. He has met his target of writing so others can read it (a HUGE achievement as usually even he can't read what he's written!). The certificate had a picture of an arrow hitting a bullseye and said "Little Prince has reached his target of writing legibly." We are all SO SO PROUD of him :-) Mr Messy took a mobile phone picture of Little Prince, his gappy tooth smile and his certificate and sent it over to LMS in America.

Princess Lollipop is coming on in leaps and bounds at the moment. She is stringing three and four words together to either tell us what she wants or how she is feeling. She comes over to us for a kiss and cuddle when she has an owie. And she is starting to match and sort, she was sat in her book corner for ages then brought me two "book read its" and they were both "Finding Nemo" books with very similar pictures on the front covers :-) The other day I was checking something on Mr Messy's photography website and Princess Lollipop noticed and pointed and said "Dop dop" (shop shop) - that's a precursor to reading "pattern/logo" recognition :-)

What clever and wonderful littlies I have :-)


Anonymous said...

:D Aren't they BOTH fabulous!! Give them both big hugs from us two, we're really proud :D Did Little Bro get his email I sent yesterday? LMS xoxoxoxo

Janet said...

Yes, yes they are :-)
Hugs dished out as requested :-)
Yes Little Prince got his email, and decided it was too long to read right now!! Will try again after supermarket shopping tonight!
Love love love

Anonymous said...

LOL! I just can't win! My last "congratulations" email was deemed "too short" and prompted a massive tantrum!! Ah well :P LMS xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Where did my comment go...? Oh well try again -

LOL!! I just can't win!! Last time I sent a "congratulations" email it was "too short" and he had a massive tantrum! What a silly little munchkin :P LMS xoxoxoxo

Janet said...

lol don't worry about it and welcome to my world!! He was too hyper after shopping, so I'll try again tomorrow!!
Perhaps if I read it all to him it might work better?! Fingers crossed!!


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