Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Mr Messy took Little Prince up to school and sorted out with his teacher what he was supposed to be bringing to the Class Christmas Party. He had brought home a list that his group had compiled, but it wasn't very clear what on earth he was supposed to bring - Little Prince thought he had to bring everything on the list, when in fact he was supposed to only bring one or two items and the others in the group were bringing the rest! On the way back from school Mr Messy collected some parcels from the Post Office, thankfully the backlog of post we have been waiting for has started to arrive :-) The best thing of all was that all the things I'd ordered for Lil Sis's kids Christmas/birthday presents finally arrived :-) Yeah, I was getting so worried that I'd let them down.

Princess Lollipop has still got a tummy bug, or that's what we assume is causing the absolutely foul smelling wind! She was pretty clingy and wanted to be sat on or next to me the whole day. Which meant I didn't get a whole lot done!!

We did have a surprise visit from Baby Bro's partner, who dropped off the kids Christmas pressies and then stayed for a cup of tea and chat. She admitted she was procrastinating over getting back in the car and having to drive on the slippery roads. It was lovely to see her and to catch up a little before she had to go and visit her own family.

Princess Lollipop had a very late nap, and I had to wake her up after about half an hour to go and collect Little Prince from school. She was NOT happy about that!! Then when we got out of the car to walk up to the playground she was even more unhappy as the dreaded snow was back! She insisted on clinging onto my hand and walking very slowly the whole way :-) She didn't even leave my side to run over to Little Prince when she saw him come out of his classroom - she does NOT like moving in the snow!

When we got back home Little Prince did his usual job of opening Princess Lollipop's chocolate Advent Calendar (or choc choc mowow/chocolate tomorrow as she insists its called). He hadn't opened his own this morning, so he did that too and was extremely disappointed to find there was no chocolate! He has had a couple of days where he's found two chocs in one window, so I had warned him that there would be a day where he wouldn't have a chocolate! But he lives in the moment and two choccies in the mouth are worth it, until you get a no choccie day!! To cheer him up I told him that Daddy was going to take him round to see Mad Cat Lady when he got home from OUR shop. Little Prince was super excited about that, as Mad Cat Lady's business has been booming this last year and she's been so busy he hasn't been able to spend time at her house for ages. I managed to persuade him to let Mr Messy have a sit down, warm up and cup of tea before he started pestering to go to Mad Cat Lady's house!! Then Mr Messy told us he'd found Father Christmas's email address and we spent some time composing an apology message to send, we got an almost instant reply which Little Prince found very comforting and is back to looking forward to Christmas morning again :-)

While the "boys" were out I got Drama Teen and Princess Lollipop's tea, thinking that me and Mr Messy could eat when we went out later to the supermarket. However, by the time they got back it was obvious that Princess Lollipop had a very uncomfortable tummy, she kept lying down cyring "Ow tumpum" (ow tum tum). We decided that Mr Messy and Drama Teen would go to the supermarket and I'd stay here with Princess Lollipop. Drama Teen helped to get Little Prince settled in bed and then they set off. I got Princess Lollipop settled down for the night, and took her upstairs to her cot. Just after I put her down the phone rang three times one after the other! This, of course, woke her up and Little Prince got to her before I did, which upset her even more as she just wanted Mummy. I tried to comfort her back to sleep, whilst talking to Baby Sis on the phone. Baby Sis's baby had been back in hospital today with a swollen tummy, and I'd been so worried. Thankfully Baby Sis was ringing to say that they'd been sent home again. Baby had had an x-ray that showed "something" but the consultant wasn't sure what it was, so she was going to contact some colleagues to discuss the x-ray results and wants to see Baby again next week sometime. Baby Sis was reassured that it wasn't too much to worry about, or they would have kept Baby in and not allowed them to go home. And also the consultant reassured the worried parents that Baby was feeding, gaining weight and was sleeping well and alert when she was awake, so they are to try not to worry.

Princess Lollipop was having none of going back to sleep, so I reluctantly brought her back downstairs. I was just settling her again when my Mum rang. Its always lovely to talk to Mum, but my family's timing tonight has been a bit off lol. Thanks for the support and encouragement about Little Prince's recent behaviour Mum, it really helped :-)

Not long after I'd finished talking to my Mum, Drama Teen rang up to say they were just leaving the supermarket and would be home soon! Its ringing world here tonight lol!!! I still hadn't got Princess Lollipop settled by the time they got home and there was no chance after that - she wanted to see her Daddy and Sister, so I gave up and let her have a play for a while. Whenever I'd say "night night time" to her she'd grin and reply "Na night soon" lol, cheeky monster :-) We watched Noel's Christmas Presents programme we'd taped this weekend, and marvelled at all the heartwarming stories of the present recipients, they are some of the most truly deserving people and its fantastic seeing them receive their surprises :-)

I finally got Princess Lollipop to sleep and Mr Messy took her to her cot, again! He said she was a bit disturbed and he had to settle her back down again while he was upstairs. We are probably in for a rough night, especially if this tummy bug is bothering her more. Once she was settled in her cot, I finally got to eat my white Maltesers, yum. I didn't get to drink the bottle of coke I'd left in the car though as when I got it out it was frozen solid!! Told you it was cold!! Mr Messy didn't stay up too much longer before he too went off to bed. I stayed up (to ridiculous o'clock!!) to get this blog back up to date and now I'm off to bed myself. At least it might be warm up there, the lounge is now freezing as the heating is off for the night!!! Brrrr!!

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