Friday, 3 December 2010

Thick Snow Thursday!

Me and Mr Messy were woken by a phone call at 7am this morning! It was my Baby Sis letting us know that she'd had the baby 5 weeks early and that she and newest baby niece are doing well. She has to stay in hospital for a couple of days to make sure both she and baby are healthy before they go home. Baby Sis seemed a little shell shocked that everything had happened so quickly - she only finished work earlier this week!! I can't believe that I have another new niece and that the weather is so awful that I can't get to see either of them :-( I have seen photos and both of the new little ones are gorgeous - but I want to get over there and give them a hug and I can't :-( I can't even get out to shop for this newest arrival!!! Argh!!!

Mr Messy had to go to OUR shop today, as his photo editing computer is there not at home any more. As he was getting ready to go it started to snow pretty heavily and I was getting really worried! I made him take his wallet with him so that he could stay over in one of the local Hotels or B&Bs. All this worried Little Prince so much, that when Mr Messy rang to say he'd reached OUR shop safely, Little Prince came running to me with the phone saying "Its Daddy, I think he's stuck." Mr Messy was laughing and said all he'd managed to say was "Little Prince its Daddy can I talk to Mummy?" After talking to Mr Messy and finding out he wasn't stuck, I reassured Little Prince that Daddy was ok and he felt a lot better.

Drama Teen's College had emailed all the students their work and it had to be completed before their next day in College. The message that College was to be closed on Friday too, wasn't sent out till well after the homework message, so Drama Teen had been working away at it, just in case she had to be there tomorrow. This did mean that, even though she had been volunteered by Mr Messy to take Little Prince sledging, she refused to go saying she had to finish her college work. Little Prince was obviously very upset and disappointed about this :-( And as Princess Lollipop refuses to go outside into the "Uh oh snow" and besides she hasn't got a snow suit or warm enough coat/boots to take her out for long enough for Little Prince to go sledging.

Little Prince did console himself by going to play in the garden numerous times! He gets so cold, so quickly that it takes longer to get him in his wellies, coat, gloves and hat, and then back out of them all again, than he actually spends outside!! Oh well, he is loving it :-)

When Princess Lollipop went down for her nap, I got Drama Teen to come down and supervise Little Prince, who I'd allowed to play on my laptop. I took the opportunity to get some jobs done, and have a quick shower. By the time I'd got everything done, Mr Messy was back from OUR shop. He'd left earlier than he'd anticipated as the snow started to come down pretty thickly and he didn't want to be stuck over there. He said he was playing chicken with the weather, but he gave in first lol.

Anyway now he was back to look after Princess Lollipop I got all togged up for the cold and took Little Prince to the other end of our village, behind the village church where there is the only hill around - Castle Hill! The walk there was slow and cold! The pavements had a small cleared path along them, the sides of which were about a foot tall either side! It would have been easier to walk on the road, but with our hats on it wasn't easy to hear cars coming up behind us, and I was worried about being able to get Little Prince out of the way in time! So we trudged our way along the paths, well I trudged and Little Prince hop, skipped, slid and ran lol. We had to walk through the village church yard and it looked so beautiful with its thick blanket of snow. By then we could hear people already on the hill, so Little Prince was going even faster, I could hardly keep up with him!

When we got there, I stood at the bottom with another Mum I know from school, and we watched the madness ensue!! Little Prince found it very difficult to hold his sledge still at the top of the hill and get on it at the same time, and they parted company pretty often!! The first time he managed to stay on the whole way down the hill, he bounced a couple of feet in the air at the bottom where there was a sort of ramp of snow! He landed with a bone crunching thud, stayed still for a few moments then got up triumphantly shouting "I'M ALIVE" and immediately ran back up the hill to try again!! The other Mum kept wincing at how fast Little Prince would throw himself down the slope and how hard he crashed at the bottom, but he'd just bounce back to his feet, declare it "WICKED" and go and do it again!! Soon his friend J and his Dad arrived, and Little Prince got even crazier!! J had a circular disc sledge and it looked a lot easier to manage than Little Prince's ordinary shaped one, so we are going to try and get hold of one for Little Prince too. Although it did seem to travel faster than the regular sledge too, so maybe its not a great idea!! It began to snow again, pretty hard, and also to go dark, so the other Mum and her older son went home, leaving behind her husband and younger son still playing. The Dad eventually persuaded the lad to go down on his own, and he crashed straight into a bush, but tried again and made it all the way down that time.

Once me and J's Dad were stood like two snow covered icicles and could barely feel our feet, we co-ordinated our departure! Telling the boys they had two more turns and that was it! They protested and complained but eventually did as they were told and we set off home. J and his Dad went round the Church Yard, and we went through it, which caused another argument as the boys both wanted to go the same way!! When we got to the Church Lyche Gate Little Prince asked if I would pull him on his sledge, it was suprisingly easier than I thought it would be, perhaps because there is a slight slope downwards at that point?! But even on the flat road surface it was still fairly easy and good exercise for me :-) I agreed to pull him all the way to the village shop and if he walked from there I would buy him a chocolate bar or some crisps. He was easily bribed :-) The shopkeeper was telling me he would have milk and bread delivered in the morning, and that he was getting 100 loaves per day and they were flying off the shelves!!! People are panic buying - although out in the sticks like this it is worrying that we'll get cut off!!

Our walk home took us past the Village Park next, and Little Prince decided to walk inside the park at the other side of the barely visible fence rails!! It was so deep that he was really struggling and kept falling over, so he climbed over the fence and walked on the road with me for a while. When we passed the Village Bus Depot, there was a HUGE pile of snow that had been dug off the Depot's drive and he insisted on climbing to the top to shout that he was King of the World :-)

As we got nearer to our house there was a patch of untouched snow, and Little Prince threw himself in it to make a Snow Angel :-) Which he promptly jumped up and down on to destroy!! Then we saw an amazing sight!! A snow plough on our village High Street!!! Its the first time a plough has come to the village since the snow started!! The local farmers have been doing their best to keep the roads clear with no help from gritters or snow ploughs!!

When we got home I got Drama Teen to run Little Prince a bath, as it was the quickest and easiest way to warm him up! He stayed in for quite a while before coming downstairs again all warm and toasty once more :-) Mr Messy took Princess Lollipop to bed and didn't come back down, I presume he must have fallen asleep. I stayed up to wait for the tumble dryer to finish its cycle so that I could bring the vent pipe in and shut the utility room window. After Little Prince had gone to bed me and Drama Teen watched some episodes of Lie to Me that we had saved and not had time to watch yet. After she went to bed I stayed and watched some more tv and write this blog and have just realised its stupid O'clock and I should get to bed!!!


Anonymous said...


Stay safe and come and visit when the weathers better. Nobody wants you to have to drive through the snow again if you don't have to.

Love lots
Little Sis

Janet said...

Thanks Little Sis,
Its killing me not being able to come and see my new nieces :-( And I've still got your oldest two's birthday presents to deliver too!! Fingers crossed we'll be able to get out properly soon!!
Lots of hugs to you and teeny baby


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