Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Worse Snow Wednesday!!!

We knew last night that both Drama Teen's College and Little Prince's School were closed today, but didn't tell Little Prince as we'd never have got him in bed and settled down!! Mr Messy got up with the littlies and gave them their breakfast while I had a blissful, childfree few hours sleep :-) Heavenly :-) Eventually I did have to get up, so that Mr Messy could go out around the village photographing in the snow. He was like a man possessed running round getting himself ready lol, he was so excited :-) Little Prince had already been out to play in the garden before I got up and was raring to go again by the time I got downstairs! He's running out of dry trousers lol, I can't keep up with getting them all dry before he's out getting soaked again!! But as I've said all week, snow like this is so rare here that he's got to make the most of it, and you're only young once :-) He is loving it so much :-)

The road outside our house was impassable this morning!! But after the local farmers had gone up and down it in their tractors a few times it was just about drivable. Mr Messy decided that if he was able to get out of the village he had to go and deliver some images to a client in the same village as OUR shop. I decided to go with him for an adventure in the snow :-) Drama Teen said she would look after the littlies for us while we nipped out. The back of my car was still filled with the Christmas decorations I bought yesterday, so we would deliver those too. The road to the next village was single track only, which was ok as we only met a couple of cars during the drive. The shop Mr Messy had prepared the images for was shut as were most of the other businesses in the village! We drove down to OUR shop and parked in the snow drift outside!! I changed the cushion covers to the new red ones, and put out the bright red sheepskin rug and put the sparkly red throw on the sofa. And put the window decorations out. I had thought I'd bought a lot, but once it was actually in OUR shop, it didn't make much impact!! I need to go and buy some more and get the new Christmas Tree up and decorated, hopefully then it will look better!

Me and Mr Messy decided to call in our friend's cake/coffee shop before setting off home. There wasn't much choice of cakes, as the chocolatier hadn't been able to get to the shop, but the ones that were there were as lovely as always :-) We sat chatting to LMS's Landlord and Landlady from earlier in the year when she lived in her little flat with her Boyfriend. Landlady again said she really hoped that LMS would finish her University course, and YES I am writing this deliberately because I know you read it LMS :-) Every little (bit of pressure lol) helps!! Then we were chatting to a family with their two boys (3yrs and 9 months), they were very cute blonde haired blue eyes boys :-) They had walked here as their part of the village was completely snowed in! Then Mr Messy noticed how run off her feet the one member of staff was (she was the only one who had managed to make it to work!!) and marched off to do the washing up :-) He's a thoughtful sweetie :-) Another customer collected all the dirty cutlery and crockery from round the shop, and I went into the kitchen to dry up. It took quite a while to get through it all, and while we were working the snow started coming down pretty hard. We washed/dried as fast as we could to get it all finished so that we could get home. V at the shop was very grateful and after looking at how bad the weather was getting had decided to close early and get off home. I don't blame her it was looking quite bleak outside!!!

The drive back to our village was pretty hairy!! The snow was coming down thickly, and the wind was blowing the drifts across the road too. Drama Teen rang up to ask where we were, she was relieved that we were on our way home :-) We had to cut the call short as Little Prince was back out in the garden and she'd just seen him wielding a pick axe!!! He actually sets out to do all the stuff that other mischievous boys only dream of!!! I was relieved to see him still all in one piece when we got home :-) We were barely in the house before Drama Teen had disappeared off to her bedroom!! Princess Lollipop wouldn't go for her nap for Drama Teen, so she has been in a foul screamy mood all afternoon!! She stands on her changing box (her stage?!) faces the room and screams and elongated and ear piercing "BAAAAAAAAD" we have no idea where she has got this from as its not something we say to her or anyone else!! But you know when she's REALLY cross when she starts this!!


Anonymous said...

LOL I'm sure it's earpiercing, but the image is hilarious :P She still uses her box as a stage then? I think you might have to change which one is the dramatic sister :P Sounds like it's all pretty crazy there! Was lovely of you both to help out at the coffee shop, I'm sure she appreciated it! I'd imagine they'd do pretty good business, people out having fun in the snow are quite likely to want a hot drink to get the feeling back in their extremities! And there's no need to keep pressuring me, I fully intend to go back to university, it's YOU that doesn't have any faith in me :P LMS xoxoxoxo

Janet said...

It really is - your ears literally ring when she does it!! Perhaps she should be Drama Princess lol?!
The lady in the coffee shop was saying she'd been busy all day and just not had time to sort it all out, we were there at about 3pm and she still hadn't managed to have her lunch :-( She was worn out!!
I know you've said that, but you said it last year too!! So I just want to keep up the "gentle reminders" (doesn't it sound better that way lol) :-) I have every faith in you, promise :-)
Love love love

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think "princess" implies a certain amount of dramaticism anyway, so "Drama Princess" might just be overkill :P LMS xoxoxoxo


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