Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cousins Come to Play

Little Prince has been VERY excited all morning. My Lil Sis, her husband and their 5 children are coming over today. They are coming over to drop Little Prince's birthday present (he will be 8 next week) and then we are going to go to an indoor play centre for a mini birthday party. He took his tablet later on this morning (10am) so that it would last and cover the time his cousins are here. He spent a long time playing on his DS again this morning, but once I'd finished my jobs and settled down in the lounge I told him he had to stop and play something else. He has been in a bad mood ever since!! I told him to tidy his room and that lead to a HUGE tantrum, he slammed the baby gate on the lounge door, stamped all the way upstairs and slammed his bedroom door!! He spent 10 minutes or so upstairs and then came down and said he was sorry :-) He then took me to show me how tidy his room was, and he'd done a great job :-) Normally it takes him 10 minutes just to get round to starting, so its amazing how much work he managed to get done in the time he was upstairs :-) He had a few more moans about how bored he was, went upstairs saying he was going to bed as there was NOTHING to do a few times!! I think most of this is excitement and anticipation of his cousins arriving, and its nothing like his behaviour normally escalates to! He is now glued to the front window trying to spot when they arrive, I've told him what sort of car they drive but he doesn't know what that make/model looks like so it didn't help!!

He's seen what could be them and pelted to the front door to make sure. I think he's a bit excited!!! It is them - and he's happy again :-) Phew :-) Well that didn't last very long!! As soon as he saw his cousin T (similar age, similar problems) he ran upstairs and hid!! He has told everyone to leave him alone and refuses to come downstairs!! Luckily Lil Sis, having a similar son, understands (thank you Lil Sis). We all have a bit of a chat, and a cuddle and coo over their newest little one, who has grown so much since I last saw her!! And what chubby cheeks she has - just like her Mummy at that age :-) After a while we loaded up into our cars and headed off to an indoor play centre, the one we went to has a great toddler area. When we were signing the children in we also found out that Lil Sis's oldest two (14 and 11) could play, which pleased them and surprised us parents as normally they are either too old or too tall to play!

We spent a good few hours at the play centre, Princess Lollipop loves running around and up and down the slides in the toddler area. After the children had played for a while we sorted out some food, which given how many of us there were and how fussy some of us are took quite a while lol. Little Prince refused to eat anything at all, and just drank half a blue slushie (he's NEVER been allowed a blue anything before!!!). While everyone was eating Little Prince hid himself in a corner of the toddler area and refused to talk to anyone. Once his cousins had finished their meals, they tried to get him to play - he refused. Me and Mr Messy tried to persuade him to play, as his cousins live on the other side of the country and they don't get together very often. He still refused and ran off to hide in the older kids play section! Life's certainly never dull with Little Prince around!! Little Prince stayed hidden until we sent cousin T to find him, he found him and brought him back to where we were all sitting, however on the way Little Prince thumped him!! We made Little Prince apologise immediately and told him that was completely unacceptable behaviour!

It took a while to round up 6 mobile kids and 1 baby and get them back into their shoes and coats, but we eventually managed it!! Both Little Prince and Princess Lollipop fell asleep in the car on the drive home lol. Lil Sis and family came in for a cup of tea and a chat, and to drop off Little Prince's birthday presents and pick up the things I'd sorted out to give them. The boys played a lot better together this time, apart from Little Prince getting irritated with T and trying not to let him see what he was doing on his DS, which once he was told to stop he did. In fact it was the three girls that weren't playing as nicely this time lol.

Lil Sis and family and Mr Messy (taking Drama Teen's Boyfriend home) left at the same time, and Princess Lollipop was devastated that Daddy went without her :-( She did give cousin Baby a lot of "tiss and hud" (kisses and hugs) before they went. Then while we were saying goodbye on the doorstep, Princess Lollipop tried to shut me out of the house - I could hear her giggling wildly behind the door!! Little Monster lol!!

When everyone had left and the house was as calm as it can be with Little Prince in it, I got him some quick snacks for tea. It took him about 3/4 hour to eat it and he needed constant encouragement to keep going, but at least I know he has eaten something nutritious before bed!! He then went up to bed, although didn't settle down until Mr Messy and Drama Teen got back and Mr Messy tucked him in.

Princess Lollipop was thrilled that everyone had come home, although she refused to hug Daddy and immediately demanded "More nint" (more drink) from Drama Teen - who sometimes feels that is her only role in life for Princess Lollipop!!

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