Saturday, 22 January 2011

I Think this Medicine Will Change My Life

This is what Little Prince told me yesterday, and again today! And I think he's right :-) He can already see the benefits of it himself, and says he's in love with his medicine, bless :-)

He has been playing on his DS ALL MORNING! This isn't unusual, what is unusual is that he is still playing the SAME game and concentrating soooo hard. He hasn't had ANY loud and angry outbursts! I've been able to leave him playing in the same room that Princess Lollipop is napping and he hasn't woken her up! We have had long sensible conversations, without me having to say his name repeatedly to regain his attention. He's asked questions and waited for the answer before moving on! He's made thoughtful and relevant comments, not just gone off in a disorganised ramble about his imaginary world! He has been incredibly kind and patient with Princess Lollipop and not shouted at her or hidden himself away from her at all today. He is nothing short of a dream to be around and I'm LOVING the peace and quiet :-)

The peace and quiet lasted until 2pm!! Then first he started whinging constantly that his game wasn't fair! That he couldn't do it and it was stupid! Then he started getting impatient with Princess Lollipop who was trying to get him to play with her. I am making him come off the DS in a few minutes, and he is whinging and moaning about that too. I have enjoyed the peace and quiet and enjoyed how pleased Little Prince was with his concentration abilities, but enough is enough! And it isn't peaceful any more so he has to come off it!!

He is back to being chaotic! Emptying out toy boxes then playing with the toys for a few minutes before moving on to something else. He has had a number of outbursts - tears, anger and irritation. He is also back to ridiculing or shouting at the TV programmes that Princess Lollipop likes to watch. We had a few games of co-operative Bop-It, where I had to do the the "spin" and he did the other three commands - he managed to beat his previous high score, and consistently scored more than he usually does and he also managed to not get frustrated when he didn't get a good score. So there are still positives even though his behaviour is mostly back to "no medication" style. He is now playing on Mario Kart on the Wii, with Princess Lollipop thinking she is playing using the spare controller lol. So far he is winning so he isn't getting frustrated - we'll see how it goes!! In the end the game got too frustrating for him and he switched the Wii off :-(

He ate his tea up, chicken and veg and a smoothie drink, but won't eat anything else - normally he'd want a dessert too. He hasn't really eaten much all day, and given how skinny he is it is quite a worrying side affect - fingers crossed he gets over it soon!

He has also become very agitated this evening as Drama Teen promised (and signed a piece of paper to seal her promise) that when she and Mr Messy got home from OUR shop, that she would play a board game with me and Little Prince. While she was at OUR shop this afternoon she got invited to her friend's house and went there and stayed for tea. Little Prince is feeling very upset and unloved, he feels that Drama Teen is doing it deliberately to avoid playing with him :-( I don't think she is, but I can't convince him of that :-( I am very cross at her though, for forgetting her promise like this and putting herself first once again, all Little Prince wants is half an hour every now and again for her to play with him and she constantly avoids it.

Drama Teen has JUST arrived to cries of "What took you so long?" from Little Prince!! She gave him a hug, but he still feels like crying and still feels like he takes second place to everything in Drama Teen's life :-( I have asked them to choose a game that we can play (although it can't be Little Prince's first choice of Monopoly as it takes so long!!) and we'll have a game before its time for Little Prince to go to bed. Hopefully this will make him feel better and he'll be able to settle down to sleep tonight!!

We played Battleships, moe and Little Prince on one team against Drama Teen. It didn't take long for Little Prince to get the hang of the game, although he had to be reminded where to place his pegs to show where he'd "shot" and to actually tell Drama Teen when she'd hit one of our ships, not just pull his face!! More through luck than judgement our team won :-) Of course this delighted Little Prince :-) However, within minutes he was complaining that it was only one game, and telling Drama Teen that she never plays with him. I had to get between them and remind Little Prince we'd just played a lovely game that he'd thoroughly enjoyed and that if he carried on making a fuss and picking on Drama Teen she wouldn't want to play with him again!! This seemed to calm him back down and he got ready for bed, only complaining that he wanted to sleep downstairs and not in his room!! I let him read for 15 mins, that turned into 30 mins!! Then I tucked him up and told him it was time to sleep - I've not heard banging and crashing from his room, so he is either reading again or he has gone to sleep!! Fingers crossed its the latter!! I'll check when I go up to bed!!

Well I checked at 11pm when I went to bed, and everything was quiet seeming - until I opened the door and saw him playing on his DS!! AND he managed to sneak downstairs and get his big pile of sweets!! I took his DS off him and hid it in my room for the night and told him he had to go to sleep or he would be too tired to play with his cousins when they came over tomorrow!! I didn't hear him come out of his room, so hopefully he DID go to sleep!!


Anonymous said...

Well half a day of peace is better than no peace at all :) Sounds like it's working :) LMS xoxoxo

Janet said...

You're right :-)

Anonymous said...

I usually am :)


Janet said...


kn said...

I'm happy you have some peace during the day and thrilled for him!

Do you have the new monopoly card game? It's fun, and much faster than the board game. If you don't have it in England I'll pick it up and send it over.


Janet said...

Hi kn,

Thank you, that is so sweet of you :-) I don't know if we have that version of Monopoly over here - I'll check and get back to you :-)
We're going to an indoor play centre tomorrow with a bunch of his cousins, so we'll see how he copes with a more active day and very stimulating environment. Although for once I'm not dreading taking him :-)

Anonymous said...

What about Juniour Monopoly? LMS xooxxo

Janet said...

Hi kn,
Thanks again for the tip on the Monopoly Card Game :-) I've found it and all the reviews RAVE about it :-) It looks like something Little Prince will really enjoy :-)

Janet said...

I thought it was Junior Monopoly we had??


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