Saturday, 29 January 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Little Prince

~*~ Happy birthday to our Gorgeous Little Prince ~*~

During the last week, it has been Little Prince's 8th Birthday :-) We all got up to be with him when he opened his presents before school, even though Princess Lollipop was less than impressed with getting up!! She was even less impressed that all the presents were for Little Prince and not her!! She had to sit on my knee being cuddled to stop her from raiding the present pile! However, seeing how upset she was Little Prince, with no prompting or anyone asking him to, brought a present over to her to open :-) And after he had opened each present he would hand it over to Princess Lollipop to examine, luckily most of them were safely boxed, while he started on the next one :-) He is such a generous sweetie :-) He got some lovely gifts from us, our family and his friends including a Star Wars version of Battleships, a Star Wars matching game, lots of Lego, a Darth Vader and a Clone Trooper voice changer helmets and lots of American sweets and choccies AND a Clone Trooper figure from LMS and her American Boyfriend. He loved everything and was so excited :-)

He didn't make any fuss when it was time to get ready for school and ran upstairs to get washed and changed into his uniform. Drama Teen left to catch her college bus, but came back moments later and said she missed it! As my car is awaiting repairs, I took Drama Teen to college in Mr Messy's car and Mr Messy walked the littlies up to school to drop Little Prince off. He and Princess Lollipop got back home before I did, and once I returned with the car Mr Messy went off to OUR shop. Princess Lollipop was tired so she and I had a quiet day, before Little Prince came home from school.

When he arrived home he immediately wanted to examine all his presents and get them out of their boxes. His medication was wearing off and it made him very impatient and he wouldn't wait for me or Mr Messy to read the instructions before he was off trying whichever toy it was! This lead to a bit of frustration as things didn't always work how he thought they would, but he managed to not have any tantrums and coped pretty well :-) His attention span was practically zero, so that by the time me or his Dad had read the instructions of the toy he wanted, he was on the next one and it took a bit of hard work to contain him!

After eating a normal amount of tea YEAH, Little Prince was reluctant to have any birthday cake. When offered the icing Yoda head, he changed his mind and ate it up, albeit a lot more slowly than he normally would.

He did have one short shout at Mr Messy, as he had just repeated my (ignored) instructions to stop playing and go and get ready for bed. But this didn't escalate into a full tantrum, just a moment of shouting and then he compliantly went to get ready :-) Well done Little Prince :-)

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