Saturday, 15 January 2011


After a very disturbed night, by both Mr Messy coughing and Princess Lollipop waking up, I got up with Mr Messy. Mr Messy was going out early with Drama Teen to do a pre-wedding photoshoot in a nearby city. So me and the littlies had to get ready and go over to OUR shop to open up and be there till Mr Messy and Drama Teen get back. Little Prince was thoroughly unimpressed by the prospect of spending the morning in OUR shop and protested loudly. He spent most of the time in OUR shop whinging that he didn't have his Blankie and that his Gameboy was boring and too hard. He ran around OUR shop , which was immediately copied by Princess Lollipop, making the normally quiet and peaceful shop loud and chaotic!

Luckily they were having a tiny moment of calm when someone came in! Her daughter is getting married and she wanted to ask for details of wedding packages and prices. All the wedding information is on the website, so I handed her a business card and said her daughter could contact Mr Messy for a chat anytime.

I've just heard from Drama Teen, the shoot went well and they are on their way to OUR shop and will be here in about an hour. Little Prince has settled down now he knows he will be leaving in an hour, and isn't moaning that he is hungry or wants Blankie at the moment! Phew!!

When Mr Messy and Drama Teen arrived, I took the littlies out, well after we'd chatted for a bit! I decided to take them shopping for new pyjamas in the nearby town. On the way there Princess Lollipop fell asleep, Little Prince was still telling me every few minutes how hungry he was so we went for a drive-through. I got Princess Lollipop a kids meal, thinking she would wake up - she didn't! Little Prince ate all his kids meal and most of hers too!! She didn't wake up till we were parked in town and I got her out of the car to put her in the buggy, she must have been really tired!! As she was now hungry and Little Prince was STILL hungry (he must be about to have a growth spurt!!) I bought them both a sausage roll from the bakery. I had to get a pack of 5, as the single ones were still very hot, Little Prince at two of those too!! Princess Lollipop was a bit pickier and only nibbled at hers until she decided it was a "samidge" (sandwich) and she liked it. I got both littlies four new sets of jammies, and then it started to rain so we ducked into the indoor shopping centre. There was a homewares shop, so we had a look in there to see if they had any of the big plastic tubs we use as toy storage, we need a couple more. They did :-) I was happy, Little Prince wasn't quite so happy as he had to carry them so that I could push the buggy. We did go straight back to the car, despite his extremely generous offer of letting me go to Next (my favourite clothes shop, that Little Prince HATES with a passion!). We did visit one more shop, a black hairdressers, I wanted to check if they stocked the range of products (Curly Q) that I'm now using on Princess Lollipop's hair, unfortunately they don't so I'll have to keep ordering it online.

We got back to the car and loaded up all the shopping, children and buggy and set off home again. My brakes started making horrible grinding noises, but it stopped again after a little while so I thought the problem had sorted itself out. Not too long after we got home, Drama Teen and her Boyfriend arrived home too. They went to watch a film, and for Drama Teen to give her Boyfriend the scrapbook she had made him for his birthday next week. She has been working on this for months, so I hope he appreciates it. When Mr Messy arrived home from OUR shop, it was obvious he wasn't feeling very well, he was extremely tired and ached all down one side :-( I tried to persuade him to go to bed, but he didn't want to, so he lay on the sofa dozing/watching TV. Little Prince was extremely hyped up (he has been all day!) and in the end I persuaded him to go to bed slightly early and have extra reading time, to give us all a bit of peace! He did have a tantrum about wearing his new pyjamas, as he wanted to wear his old ones that are waaaaay too small, although he insisted they weren't!! I made it worse by making him get all his old pyjamas out of his wardrobe so that I could put them in the bags for the Charity Shop - he hates to let go of things, and I normally sort things out when he's at school or asleep, but got carried away this time!

Once he was settled I got Princess Lollipop ready for bed in some of her new pyjamas, she looks so cute in "proper pyjamas" rather than a babygrow - so grown up too!! Unlike her big brother she was very excited to wear her new pyjamas, but she is a girl who loves clothes so that's to be expected lol. She was sat next to me on the sofa and I noticed she was leaning on me and getting heavier and heavier - she'd fallen fast asleep! Mr Messy took her up to bed and I set off to take Drama Teen's Boyfriend home. My car was making the grinding noise even more this time and it didn't wear off, so I'll have to get it looked at. I think its something to do with the brakes and Mr Messy says it probably needs new brake shoes. I believe him as I know nothing about cars!

When I got back Little Prince sneaked downstairs and asked if I could tuck him in and told me he'd really missed me. He must be worrying about something to be acting unsettled like this, on top of the hyper behaviour all day. Hopefully we'll find out what's bothering him soon and be able to sort it out! The noise of me bobbing in and out of Little Prince's room must have disturbed Princess Lollipop as she woke up when I got downstairs, I got her settled but she woke again about 20 mins later. I went to get her settled again, and half an hour later Mr Messy came up to go to bed himself, so I went back downstairs to get some more sorting out done. I finished sorting out Little Prince's old computer desk, which then lead to me having to sort out his downstairs bookshelves, so that I could fit all the books he'd had on his desk back onto the bookshelves. Why does one little job always lead to more and more jobs!?!

Hopefully tomorrow Mr Messy and Drama Teen will be around in daylight (they have two photoshoots) to help me get the old desk stored in the cottage in the garden. Then Mr Messy needs to get some extra memory put in Little Prince's computer and reset it all up in my old computer desk. I've told Little Prince this is the plan (he doesn't handle surprises very well!) and he's already planning what pictures he's going to stick on the inside of the monitor "cupboard" and which of the pictures I've got stuck up there he's going to keep and what he wants to get rid of. He seems very excited about getting a new desk and getting his computer working again :-) Although now that I've just taken two printers to the tip, he's asked can he have a printer too!!! Typical!!!

Well its very late and I've got two littlies to deal with tomorrow so I'd better get off to bed! Night all :-)

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25th May 2009 - See New Child again & Court Date

23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

26th March 2009 - Fly to Ethiopia :-)

3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

26th February 2009 - Dossier sent to Ethiopia

22nd December 2008 - Dossier back at DCSF

28th November 2008 - Certificate of Eligibility ISSUED

6th October 2008 - PASSED Approval Panel

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