Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Another Catch Up!!

This last week has been horrendously busy! Mrs LMS returned home from America on Saturday, which caused extreme levels of excitement in Little Prince! And just to make it that much harder, Mr Messy had forgotten to take Little Prince's new pack of medication out of his car (locked in the glove compartment) from when he'd picked up the new prescription! So we had a VERY VERY VERY hyped up Little Prince with no medicine!! As Mrs LMS didn't arrive back until late afternoon it was a looooooong day for us all!!

Mr Messy and Drama Teen went out to OUR shop in the morning, and then Mr Messy left Drama Teen in charge while he went to do a shoot. I picked her up after lunch, so that she could look after the littlies and I could finish off my surprise wedding present for Mr and Mrs LMS (a scrapbook of their wedding photographs). I'd been working on this all week, but only in the late evenings when the littlies were both asleep in bed, so I've been staying up till 2am and later most nights! I'm exhausted, but hopefully it will be worth it and they will both like it!

Mrs LMS came home on her own, as she has to apply for a Spouse Visa for Mr LMS before he can come over here. However, when he comes over here on that Visa it will be legal for him to work straight away and so they will be able to support themselves independently. Mrs LMS is staying with us until Mr LMS comes over, and it is lovely to have all my babies under one roof again, although I know I have to make the most of it as once Mr LMS arrives Mrs LMS will be leaving home for good.

Drama Teen has been having a really bad time as she and her boyfriend have broken up, probably for good this time :-( And she is totally heartbroken. It hurts to see my precious little girl so sad and not be able to do anything to comfort her :-( I'm also very worried that she seems to be eating very very little, and she has no weight to lose, she is already extremely slim.

I've been out to an Indoor Play Centre with J and her three children (two boys age 7 and 9, and one girl age almost 4). J owns the local Designer Children's Boutique and we've been saying for ages we should take the children out together! We were supposed to start off by having lunch at the Bistro near J's Boutique, but even though we had booked a table there was nowhere for us to sit (the Bistro owner had let another party have our table an hour earlier, and they were still eating and chatting). Instead we got takeaway chips and sat in OUR shop and ate them. The boys all seemed to be getting to know each other and getting along pretty well :-) We went to an Indoor Play Centre that J takes her children to regularly, but it was our first visit. There was a LOT for the children to play on, but the toddler area was bigger than Princess Lollipop was used to and she got to the top level and started to cry for Mummy LOUDLY! I had to squeeze my way up toddler sized stairs and through toddler sized tunnels to reach her, she was not happy that there wasn't enough room for me to carry her and wailed the whole way down. However, as soon as we got down and she'd had a bit of a snuggle she was totally happy to go and play again. Both J's boys are very into football, which doesn't interest Little Prince at all, so he was feeling a bit left out. It didn't help when the oldest of J's boys came over and told his Mum that he didn't want to play with Little Prince any more as he was tiring him out!! Little Prince was quite upset and I was sad for him too :-( J's boys went off to play with a ball together and didn't really let Little Prince join in, it might have been easier for Little Prince to get to know just one brother at at time, as J says her boys are very close and Little Prince can take some getting used to! On the way home he did say he'd had a great time, so it wasn't all bad :-)

Mrs LMS has been applying for jobs constantly since she arrived home, she has tried to re-register with an Employment Agency that had her details previously, but they didn't tell her that she had to make an appointment with them to do that, so she goes back early next week. She has also got an interview today for a telesales job, not what she is looking for, but in this economy and in her position (having to prove to the British Authorities that she and Mr LMS can support themselves) she is giving it all she's got. Good luck Mrs LMS :-)

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