Saturday, 19 February 2011

Princess Lollipop is TWO!!!

During the last week it has been Princess Lollipop's 2nd birthday. I can't believe my tiny baby is two already!! She is too small to be that big!!!

We started the day early, as Mr Messy had to get to OUR shop and he wanted to be there when Princess Lollipop opened her presents. The presents were in the lounge, so Mr Messy took Princess Lollipop straight to the dining room for breakfast before she found out what was in the lounge lol. She insisted on eating TWO Weetabix (Weetabixes??), she's probably starting to make up for all the not eating she's been doing for the last week!! After she had finally finished and wasn't bellowing for "MORE BWETTA" (only muttering quietly about wanting Mummy's toast!) we took her in the lounge. She was overwhelmed by the pile of presents and clung onto me as she inched closer. At first she didn't want any presents, but we eventually persuaded her that they weren't that scary and she started unwrapping them. She is our first child to open a present and then want to play with it straight away, the older three always wanted to dive straight to the next present lol. She would get so engrossed in the new toy that she'd completely forget she had more to open lol. She got a "Pat Pat Rottit" (Little Einstein's Rocket and figures), "Mick Mick dands" (Mickey Mouse dress up hands), "Manneee and tooooos" (Handy Manny and tools) a "Titchen" (wooden play kitchen) and a mini wooden clothes rail filled with Disney dressing up. She also got a dolly baby care bag which she immediately understood was for looking after her babies, although she did keep sneaking swigs of their bottle of milk (play milk bottle so she wasn't actually drinking it!!). She liked the idea of the dress up shoes (plastic "high heels") but found it a bit hard to walk so would demand that we put them on and then take them straight off again!! She was almost scared of the Disney dressing up dresses, and it took her until mid afternoon to try on the two she recognised (Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell) for about five minutes each. After that she would pull me over to the rail and get me to show her each dress but would refuse to put them on, I'm sure she'll get used to them and want to play with them eventually!!

My friend Mad Cat Lady visited to give Princess Lollipop her birthday present, and Princess Lollipop refused to look at her let alone speak to her! Little Prince loved having her here though, he took her to show her how tidy his room is (he tidied it yesterday all by himself) and read a Lego book with her. She was very impressed with how calm he was :-) Princess Lollipop started to bellow that she wanted "MORE BWETTA" again, and when she gets an idea in her head she just repeats the phrase until you give in!! So she ate two MORE Weetabix!!! When she was leaving Princess Lollipop did manage to say very clearly "Tant oo Mad Cat Lady predunt" (Thank you "Mad Cat Lady" present) which also impressed Mad Cat Lady :-)

When Mr Messy and Drama Teen arrived home, I had intended on searching in the cottage at the bottom of the garden to see if the "play food" was stored in there, so I could bring it in and clean it up for Princess Lollipop but it was already going dark and there's no lighting in the cottage so it will have to wait for another day. Princess Lollipop was fast asleep (kneeling on the sofa next to me with her head on my lap and her bum in the air lol), she'd fallen asleep not long after Mad Cat Lady left but she started to stir when she heard Daddy and Drama Teen. When she was more or less awake I went to make the littlies their tea, which despite her obvious hunger earlier and it being one of her favourite dishes, Princess Lollipop fussed and whinged and pushed her plate away shouting "NO." Mr Messy came in to see what all the noise was about and he managed to get her to eat most of the meal, then I took her into the lounge to get her cleaned up while Mr Messy got the candle lit in her birthday cake and brought it in. Princess Lollipop was slightly scared of this bright burning thing in her cake, and wasn't happy that we sang "Happy Birthday" to her either, but she made a creditable effort at blowing out the candle and ate most of a large piece of cake too.

During the day Princess Lollipop had started to sit on her potty (we had brought it down to try and get a urine sample for the Doctor and she had screamed and refused to go near it, so we just left it in a corner of the lounge and ignored it)!! She then started demanding to take her trousers off each time she sat there, and tried very hard to get her popper vest undone and take her nappy off (which luckily she can't manage quite yet!!). So I'd asked Mr Messy and Drama Teen to get her some knickers on their way home from OUR shop. As seems to be her "modus operandi" Princess Lollipop liked the knickers (Minnie Mouse ones) but refused to wear them at first. Half an hour later she was happy to put them on, and even happier to drag them off to sit on the potty!! In fact she was so much happier with a bare bottie that she refused to put the knickers back on again!! Which totally embarrassed Mr LMS when he and Mrs LMS got in touch with Facetime (it shows real time pictures) lol. They had met up with our very first foreign exchange student, a lovely Chinese girl who stayed with us for a year when she was 15-16 years old. We have kept in touch but haven't seen her for years as she moved to Canada, near to where Mr and Mrs LMS got married. They didn't get any photos, but apparently F hasn't changed at all :-) Miss you F xxxxx

The potty training was a non starter really, we got off to a good start when Princess Lollipop managed to wee on the potty the first time she sat on it without her nappy on. But after that she had two accidents and didn't even seem to notice what had happened. I thought that her 2nd birthday was a bit too early and I was right lol. I'm going to leave it a few months and try her again, probably in the Easter holidays, when hopefully its warm enough to run around with a bare bottie if thats what she wants!! I find thats the fastest way to start off potty training, no fiddling with clothing and underwear, just have them run around in a top and bare bottom half and Crocs if they are outside (although it was jellies when LMS and Drama Teen were little and I think Little Prince had washable canvas shoes).

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