Monday, 7 February 2011

Rest of Sunday

The littlies were very excited about their Grandparent's visit and stood at the window looking out for them, and as soon as they saw them ran to the front door. However, they then refused to say anything but a mumbled "hello" and definitely NO kisses or hugs! Its not surprising really, as they don't get to see these Grandparent's very often. The visit went well, Nana (Mr Messy's Mother) was very understanding with the littlies not allowing kisses and didn't push it, she asked how Little Prince was getting on with his new medication and was very proud of all the new things he has managed to do now. Little Prince and Grandad had a game of dominos and then a game of draughts in the dining room while me and Nana chatted, and Princess Lollipop fell asleep on my lap, minutes after she had demanded (loudly!) that "Mick-Mick Pat-Pat" (her way of indicating the Playhouse Disney Channel) was put on. She slept soundly until I turned the TV off and then woke up demanding it back on!! How did she know?!?!

Nana talked (well bitched really!) about people in the family, I've heard it all before and just let it all go in one ear and out the other, there's no point trying to stop her or getting upset about it, so I make non commital umms and ahs and let her get it out of her system. One topic that did manage to annoy me was her attitude to her sister who has recently converted to Islam, and who now wears long skirts/dresses and a hijab. I had to grit my teeth and let her say her piece as saying anything contrary to what she says usually ends up making it a much bigger deal than it started. I think Little Prince perking his ears up and mentioning that he is a Muslim, finally got through to her and she started on another topic!

When Mr Messy and Drama Teen got home, she repeated some of the stories to him and chatted about how the photography business was going. Grandad asked if Mr Messy could have a look at his in car cigarette lighter socket as it seems to have eaten the end of the GPS lead! Mr Messy managed to sort out the cigarette lighter, but the GPS will need a new lead. When it was time for them to leave I went with them in my car, and showed them round OUR shop on their way past. They were both very impressed, especially with the pictures of their Grandchildren displayed in there :-) Nana was very surprised that it was Mr Messy that keeps the place clean and tidy, as he really lives up to his nickname and always has lol.

After they left we all, well all except Drama Teen who refused to join us :-( watched Herbie Fully Loaded. As someone who loved the older films when I was younger, I thought that Herbie was a bit too "animated" too much smiling and winking for my taste lol. But Little Prince who had never seen a Herbie movie before LOVED it :-) We thought he would lol. He got quite annoyed and kept pressing pause when Princess Lollipop made any loud noises!! After that it was time to get the littlies fed and ready for bed. Little Prince crushed the cans in the kitchen while I was cooking, and even though he moaned that he hated this being his job he got on with it :-) When their food was ready Princess Lollipop did the same as she did yesterday, refused to even look at the food and pushed the bowl away and screamed "NO" if I tried to feed her, yet when I took the untouched food away she screamed even louder for her "TEA TEA TEA"!!! I got Mr Messy to sit with them while they ate, as I just couldn't face another evening like yesterday :-( After Little Prince had gone off to bed, Princess Lollipop fell asleep on my lap again, I'm beginning to think she is coming down with something as she isn't normally this "screamy" or sleepy! And she has had a number of badly disturbed nights too, hopefully she'll get over it pretty quickly and be back to her more usual cheerful self! Mr Messy went up to bed not long after Princess Lollipop, his desire to watch the American Superbowl waned pretty quickly when he saw how late it was on lol. He's still tired from the all day wedding shoot on Saturday, so watching the Superbowl was never really going to happen! I stayed up messing about on the internet, and then realised what time it was and got this blog up to date and now I'm off to bed too - night night all :-)


Anonymous said...

Hope babysis feels better soon and is less screechy :) At least if she's sleeping a lot it means she's not screaming! Sorry to hear nana was annoying you. I watched the superbowl, I didn't think it was very interesting! Too much stopping and starting and too many adverts for my taste, plus I didn't understand the rules lol But apparently the Packers winning was good..?! LMS xxoxoxo

Janet said...

She's got worse unfortunately :-( Not a well baby at all :-(
At least you tried the Superbowl, you can at least say BTDT now lol.


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