Monday, 7 February 2011


Poor Princess Lollipop had a dreadful night, she was very very hot and kept wriggling all night. She'd wake up and shout "UP MUMMY" despite already being cuddled, she shouted about being too hot, too cold, wanting a drink, wanting breakfast and generally kept me awake most of the night. I didn't mind too much as it was obvious she was ill, once his alarm went off Mr Messy got her some Calpol, which she promptly threw up all over herself :-( Enough must have stayed down to help her settle as she did go back to sleep for a few hours afterwards. When she did wake up she was still very hot, but it was too soon to give her more Calpol and I wasn't sure how much had stayed down either! She had some of my toast for breakfast, barely a couple of mouthfuls and was immediately rolling round the floor in pain :-( I did manage to persuade her to drink a little, but all she wanted was to be hugged on my knee all day. With her still having a temperature, it was like hugging a wriggling hot water bottle!!

She fell asleep in the afternoon, so I rang Mr Messy and arranged for him to pick Little Prince up from school and took her back to bed. She was very wriggly again, but at least she got some sleep! When we woke up and went downstairs, Mr Messy and Little Prince were home, but Drama Teen had gone on the bus to see her Boyfriend, as they are still trying to sort out their differences. She still doesn't want to talk about what has happened and I feel so helpless and want to help her, but I don't know what to do or say :-( Little Prince had got the first copy of his National Geographics Kids magazine (we bought him a 12 month subscription for his birthday) and he devoured it, and can't wait to receive the next one :-)

Princess Lollipop didn't want anything to do with her Daddy or her Brother, and just stayed cuddled up on my knee. She did manage to eat and keep down some plain rice pudding, and that cheered her up for a little while, but then she started being upset and whingy again :-( We gave her some Calpol and she fell asleep soon afterwards, but was still quite wriggly and unsettled when Mr Messy took her to bed. I don't think she'll stay asleep for long, so I'm typing this quickly before I have to go and be up there with her!


Anonymous said...

Oooh dear :( You going to take her to the doctors if she's as bad tomorrow? I was planning on FaceTime-ing tomorrow, guessing that might not be the best idea..? Hope she feels better soon!


Anonymous said...

Hope she feels better soon. Give her all our love and hugs, maybe seeing Grandma and Grandad this week will help.

Hope you get some sleep soon as well.
Lil Sis

Janet said...

Hi LMS & Lil Sis,
We took Princess Lollipop to the Doctor's on Wednesday and she is much better now she has started on antibiotics :-)
Love love love


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