Friday, 11 February 2011

Poorly Princess Week

All three children were at the Dentist in the morning. And the Dentist confirmed they all have healthy teeth :-) After they'd had their appointments I had to drop Little Prince off at school, which made Poorly Princess Lollipop howl and sob, she didn't want her Brud-Brud to go :-( We then drove over to drop Drama Teen at college, which upset Poorly Princess again :-( We went to see Mr Messy at OUR shop, which didn't cheer Poorly Princess up at all :-( We left OUR shop in time to pick Little Prince up from school, and got home in time for his friend E to come over to play. Poorly Princess was upset again, as the boys played upstairs in Little Prince's bedroom and not with her. She didn't eat any dinner and again had a very disturbed night.

It was pretty obvious that Poorly Princess wasn't getting any better, so I made an appointment with the Doctor at the Surgery near OUR shop. The Doctor examined Poorly Princess's chest, ears and throat and took her temperature, which was quite high. She prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic, but as there were no indications of what was wrong with Poorly Princess, she asked us to get a urine sample. She gave us a specially designed baby urine bag, which looked simple enough. When we finished at the Doctor's we went to OUR shop, and my Mum was there - she and my Dad had arranged to visit and there was no point cancelling due to Poorly Princess's illness. Me and Mum sat on OUR shop sofa and chatted, Mr Messy went to the bakery to get some sandwiches, cakes and drinks as Poorly Princess wasn't up to going out for lunch. My Dad had gone out to the Pub to get himself a liquid lunch! He returned in time to collect Mum and for them to walk to the bus stop. Even though she hadn't wanted to talk to Grandma and Grandad Poorly Princess was upset that they had gone, and fell asleep before they even went past on the bus. She had an hour's fairly settled nap :-) When we got to school to pick Little Prince up, he and one of his friend's wanted to play together, J's Mum said she would have the boys at her house to give Poorly Princess a rest, thanks L :-) Poorly Princess didn't appreciate this gesture though and sobbed all the way home for her Brud-Brud :-( At home I put the baby urine bag on her, and to stop her trying to pull it off put a nappy over the top. It was obviously very uncomfortable, and Poorly Princess was not happy at all :-( I removed it later after we'd collected Little Prince from J's house, and it had become detached and all the urine had gone into her nappy instead of the collection bag!! The Doctor had asked that we collect the sample before starting the antibiotics, but Poorly Princess was so hot and ill that I decided I just had to start her on her medicine. She hates the taste of the antibiotics, but I managed to get some down her, followed by some Calpol, fingers crossed it starts to work quickly.

During the evening I got a call from a very upset Lil Sis, asking if I knew when Mum and Dad would be home. We tried to work it out based on what time bus they had caught. Then Lil Sis explained that one of our cousins had called round that morning to let her know that our Auntie M had died that morning :-( Auntie M was being treated for cancer, but the last I'd heard was that the treatment was going well and she was recovering. Unfortunately she'd started with breathing difficulties and gone back into hospital, and although days earlier she'd seemed like she was getting better and was about to be sent home, she'd taken a turn for the worse :-( Her husband, two sons and one of their wives were with her when she died. Me and Lil Sis agreed that she should go round to see Mum and Dad and tell them in person, and that I would contact Baby Bro, she'd already spoken to Baby Sis.
I was completely shocked and so sad. Auntie M was a lovely lovely lady. When I was at Primary School me and her eldest son used to go to his house for lunch and to watch TV. I used to visit each week when LMS was a baby too. She had many health challenges, but lead a full and happy life despite all of that. She was an inspiration. When Drama Teen was born with a facial difference, I knew thanks to Auntie M, that it wouldn't stop her living her life to the full.
Bye bye Auntie M, love you and miss you :-( RIP

Me and Poorly Princess spent the day at home, she was still fairly listless and didn't want to eat but her temperature wasn't as high and she did have moments of being her bright had happy self :-) When Mr Messy got home from OUR shop he got the potty out of the attic, cleaned it up and we tried to see if we could get a urine sample from Poorly Princess on there. NOPE! She hated sitting on it, I think that has she still has a bit of a temperature that sitting on the cold plastic was uncomfortable :-( She got more and more upset and still didn't produce the required sample :-( During the evening she got very upset, she would demand that Drama Teen came downstairs, but ignore her once she was here and then sob when she went back to her room :-( She eventually fell asleep and we got her to bed.
Little Prince told me he had been crying at school, he had cried so much that he couldn't tell his teachers what the problem was :-( He told me he was upset because he is missing LMS, these last few weeks before she comes home seem to be the hardest for him :-(

Although Poorly Princess had a disturbed night, it wasn't quite as bad as it has been previously :-) When she woke up she wanted breakfast :-) For the first time this week she managed a whole weetabix :-) Getting her antibiotics down her afterwards was even more of a trauma though! I tried using the medicine syringe, but she screamed and writhed out of the way, so most of it went down but some squirted down her chin!! She was happier to take her Calpol :-) As her temperature seems back to normal I've lowered her Calpol dose to just one spoonful instead of two. She is obviously still not herself as she doesn't want to play, she still just wants to just cuddle on my lap and she keeps crying for "Find it Brud-Brud" but she is much improved from how she has been. The crying for Brud-Brud went on and on and on and in the end I decided enough was enough and got her settled for a nap. She had quite a long nap, but disturbed every single time I tried to put her down! So I spent the enforced sitting still time, researching local rental property prices for LMS when she returns from America.
Poorly Princess slept for quite a long time, and in the end I didn't have time to drop her off at OUR shop and return to pick Little Prince up from school. So she came with me to collect Little Prince, and then we drove straight over to the swimming baths for Little Prince's swimming lesson. Mr Messy met us at the baths, and took Poorly Princess back to OUR shop, while I took Little Prince swimming, Poorly Princess was NOT happy to be going off with Daddy. Little Prince had a fantastic lesson, and for the first time he looked like a "real" swimmer :-) He manages to propel himself through the water, but always looks like he is flailing rather than swimming, when he swam his 20m his teacher said he did it in "his own style" rather than a recognised stroke lol. But today his front crawl looked fabulous, he swam four strokes, turned his head to breath and swam so fast too :-) My eye's were filling up with pride at his progress :-) Talking to his teacher after the lesson she said that the medication has made a marked difference to how Little Prince is swimming and his progress is astounding :-) She is almost as proud of him as I am :-) I thanked her too, without her patience and dedication and sticking with Little Prince despite his behavioural difficulties he wouldn't have made the progress he has. Little Prince is lucky to have her and his class teacher in his life - they both love him and really want to help him succeed :-)
When me and Little Prince got back to OUR shop, Poorly Princess was playing happily with Daddy, which was a huge relief after the teary goodbye earlier! We stayed there for a while before I brought the littlies home with me. While driving I asked Little Prince to empty/refill the dishwasher when we got home, which is one of his jobs. He fussed and whinged for the rest of the drive, but when we got home he went off to do his job. After a few minutes he came to see me, quite upset - he had lost his temper and slammed one of the plates into the cupboard very hard and it had broken into pieces. He was very upset with himself and worried that he would be in trouble. I said I was very disappointed that he had broken the plate, but that I still trusted him to complete the rest of his job nicely, which he did.
Mr Messy and Drama Teen arrived soon after we did and brought a chippie tea, yeah no cooking :-) Poorly Princess wanted to eat some chips (and has also been asking for crisps) we think she is trying to replace her lost body salts and besides its been about she's eaten for a couple of days, so we aren't stopping her!
Little Prince spent most of the evening playing with his electronics kit, making things from the instruction booklet and from his own imagination, he had a great time. Poorly Princess spent most of the evening whinging and being loudly out of sorts :-( She is now asleep on the sofa beside me, as I'm not ready for bed and if I take her upstairs she'll want me to be there with her!!


Anonymous said...

Poor Poorly Princess :( Hope she's doing better soon. I noticed all the emails recommending properties, I really appreciated that, thank you!! :) Well done to Little Bro on his fantastic swimming :) LMS xxxxx

Janet said...

She had a really rough night, but she's a lot brighter and happier today :-)
From looking at the property sites, it looks like town D is a lot cheaper than town S, unless you want to go straight to University Town to get settled there?
Little Bro says "thank you" :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that's good, I'm glad to hear it :) I'll concentrate more on jobs in town D then if that's cheaper :) No problem Little Bro, I love hearing about how well he does :) LMS xxxxxxxxx


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