Saturday, 12 February 2011

Wow just Wow!

Poorly Princess had a really disturbed night and I was barely conscious when Mr Messy got up to go to OUR shop. He went downstairs to get his stuff together as he has a photoshoot this afternoon, then he suddenly reappeared in our room and said he was turning the light on. I thought he'd forgotten something and needed to look for it, but he said "you need your glasses" he had to repeat himself a couple of times before it sunk in! Then he started messing with his phone, I thought he'd seen something on Facebook from his brother, who's girlfriend is expecting in a few months. Then he handed the phone over and it was an email from LMS announcing she and American Boyfriend got married!! I'm not sure with time differences when exactly they got married!! They got engaged at Christmas, and didn't tell us, and then went over to Canada and got married with just themselves and the Officiant's wife and daughter as witnesses!

At first it wouldn't sink in, I had no idea what I thought. Me and Mr Messy had guessed ages ago that LMS wasn't telling us something, she got evasive about answering questions and just seemed to be keeping something from us. And then there was American Boyfriend sorting out all his stuff and getting rid/selling loads and saying his sister was taking over his room etc. We didn't guess exactly what they were planning, but we knew they were planning something!! We know you too well LMS lol.

Mr Messy told Drama Teen and she said "Random! Brilliant!" lol. She admitted to me later that she already knew!! American Boyfriend had said something to her ages ago about him being her real brother when he came back to England. She said she thought they'd forgotten as it is now so close to LMS coming home!! Little Prince woke up and came in to see me and have a cuddle and I told him, he was thrilled that American Boyfriend is now his real brother, but wishes he wasn't "a in-law brother, just a brother" so I told him he could call him his brother if he wanted to, which pleased him :-)

Mr Messy admitted he was upset and that he would have loved to have been there and photographed it obviously. He was hugging Poorly Princess a few minutes later and said to her "you won't run off and leave me will you?" I think his Daddy heart is hurting :-( Later he said that it was my job to wear a hat and his to walk her down the aisle, and that he was sad, very sad and hurt :-( He has been sad and non communicative all day, said his day was cr*p and has ended up with a headache. When LMS rang up to talk to us, he said he didn't want to talk to her right now. When she and I were talking about their plans to have a Vow Renewal and family party on their 1st or 2nd Anniversary, Mr Messy was muttering that it wasn't the same, she was already married and it just wasn't the same. He's hurting badly and unfortunately it will take him a long time to come to terms with the way this has happened :-(

I came downstairs and re-read LMS's email properly, and agree with her she is old enough to make her own decisions and decide the course of her life. And this does save them a lot of money in Visa fees and airline fares. Of course I'm sad that my first baby got married without me there, but I am also happy that she is so happy. She and American Boyfriend look deliriously happy in the photographs she sent :-) And my baby looks so beautiful, the most beautiful bride ever of course :-)



Anonymous said...

Very sorry to have hurt Dad :( I didn't mean to, I would have loved to have my Daddy give me away, and his photos would have been a million times better!! Hope he feels better about it soon, give him a big hug from me :( Glad Bro is happy to have him as a brother, and Mr LMS says he has no memory of saying that to sis, I think it must have slipped out, he didn't even realise she knew!

Love a deliriously happy Mrs LMS :) xxxx

Janet said...

I know you are darling :-(
He read your email and admits that in practical terms, it makes sense, but emotionally it doesn't :-( You're his baby girl and walking you down the aisle is obviously something that means a lot to him, and now he can't do it :-( I read him your message and it seemed to help a little, but he's still not saying very much :-(
I don't think Drama Teen realised she knew either lol - she does have a memory like a sieve lol.
Congratulations again Mr and Mrs LMS

Janet said...

PS Daddy did notice you were wearing the opal bracelet he bought you and that seemed to please him :-)

Anonymous said...

There was never any question of NOT wearing my opal bracelet :) It's a couple of opals too long, would it be possible to make earrings out of them do you think? Hope that he feels better about it soon. It was very sad that no-one could be there, but at least you all agree that it makes logical sense. Mrs LMS xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Congratulations to everyone!!!
Tell LMS to send me her address so we can send them a wedding present!!!
Can't wait to tell Computer Geek and Cleaning Lady!!!!
How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cabbage Queen

Janet said...

Hi Mrs LMS,
You'll have to take your bracelet to a jewellers, I know of one that makes/designs jewellery so they will be able to tell you if making a couple of opals into earrings is possible.
And sorry to say this, but not everyone agrees that it makes logical sense.

Janet said...

Hi Cabbage Queen,
I'll get Mrs LMS to send you the photos - they both look so happy :-) That is very sweet of you :-) She is coming back to the UK next weekend, and living with us till she finds somewhere for both of them to rent, so she'll be here for a while :-)
Love to all of you
PS Little Prince was just talking about "whooping and hollering" at your place the other day :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cabbage Queen! :) I'll be living with Mum and Dad until Mr LMS can get his visa sorted and join me. We're still on cloud 9! :) I'll send you a couple of pictures right now :)

I'll try taking my bracelet there :) It's not a massive deal that it's a little too long, but if I can have a matching pair of earrings as well as a bracelet that fits perfectly, then it'd be even better!



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