Friday, 25 February 2011

Swimming Lesson

I arranged to meet Mrs LMS and Princess Lollipop at the Swimming Pool, so that we could all watch Little Prince swim. They arrived sooner than we did and were already waiting for us when we got there. As soon as Princess Lollipop saw us, she ran first to Little Prince and then to me and demanded "UP Mummy" and started to cry! Perhaps it was a combination of not seeing me all day, and having just been woken up from her nap, but she carried on crying and shouting for quite a while!! Mrs LMS had to take Little Prince through to the changing rooms to get ready for his lesson, as Princess Lollipop would not let go of her stranglehold round my neck! As soon as they left Princess Lollipop started shouting that she wanted her brother and sister, and crying and screaming when I wouldn't let her run after them. She carried on like this for the next 10 minutes or so before finally calming down, I was getting very pitying looks from all the other parents in the waiting room - I'm sure they were relieved it wasn't their child acting up!!

When Princess Lollipop had finally calmed down, she started to watch the swimmers and try to spot her Brud Brud. She did have a couple more mini tantrums about the fact that she couldn't go in the water. I'm much too much of a wuss to swim in the Winter, so she'll have to wait until its a lot warmer before I take her swimming lol. Little Prince did very well in his lesson and his teacher said afterwards that he had worked through all the requirements for Stage 2 and most of the requirements for Stage 3 of the badge system they use. Although he fusses and whinges about going swimming, once he is there he loves it and tries very hard, and since he started his medication he has improved tremendously.

After Little Prince had finished his lesson Mrs LMS supervised him washing his hair and waited for him in the changing room to get dressed. We then dropped Mrs LMS back off at OUR shop, before I brought the littlies home. Little Prince immediately wanted to finish his sausage roll from lunchtime, but he was fairly tired and quiet and just wanted to veg out on the sofa. He put Princess Lollipop's favourite channel (Playhouse Disney) and sat quietly watching with her and reading his latest Harry Potter book. This would NEVER have happened prior to him starting the medication and the difference it has made to our lives is astounding. Just having a nice, quiet, relaxing evening with the littlies like this would have been utterly unimaginable (unless Little Prince was ill!!). And after living with the chaos and stress his behaviour has caused for our family (and especially me as his primary carer) for so long, you really do learn to appreciate the little things like this :-) It also reminds me how far from the norm our family life had got and how much we had been struggling, that a simple thing like watching TV and reading quietly is so noticeable!!

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