Sunday, 13 March 2011


Little Prince's Consultant for his ADHD, wants us to try and give Little Prince at least one (preferably more) day off his medication per week. As we weren't going anywhere and weren't expecting any visitors, I decided to let him have both Saturday and Sunday off. He has been crazy and wild. I don't know how I coped with this sort of behaviour day in and day out! He is wearing me out and it is so so hard to stay calm like he needs me to be. And today (Sunday) he is way worse than he was yesterday!! He has been sat reading a book, whilst also winding up Princess Lollipop and hitting himself/the sofa/his book (hard and loudly) with a cardboard tube! I asked him to stop so many times I lost count, and in the end told him he had to take his book upstairs to read for a while. He protested A LOT but eventually took himself and his book up to his room. From all the crashing and banging I can hear he isn't reading, but at least I have a few minutes peace before he comes down causing chaos again.

I love my little man so so so much, but his hyperactive behaviour is so difficult to deal with. I hate feeling like I'm counting down till Monday and he's back at school and back on his medication, but I am doing.


Rob,Dawn,Catherine and Iain and Maura said...

We tried the same the Iain. Weekends off but he told us he would rather be on it full time. He was exhauseted after being off of it for two days. He seemed not to be able to enjoy himself. No self control. It is a personal choice but Iain ade his own choice to stay on it all year.

Janet said...

Thanks Dawn,
Its great to hear from someone with experience of this! So far Little Prince looks forward to his days off, although he likes taking his medicine during the week (even he can see how much its helping him).
However, at his last check up, he was losing weight (the medication has completely suppressed his appetite) and that's why the Consultant suggested the days off. He did add "if we can cope with him" as he is still fairly hyper while ON the medication!!
I'll try two days off as much as we can until he has his next check up and see how his weight is going. He is such a skinny thing that he hasn't got any weight to lose, so its worrying!


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