Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Parcel has finally arrived

My luck has held out :-) The parcel has finally arrived :-) That's the good part, the bad part is that it has got quite damaged in transit with a fair few knicks and dints and cracks!! It was a second hand child's cupboard, made to look like a miniature (pink of course) grandfather clock, and was sold with the proviso that it had a few bashes - but I think they've been added to by the journey!! It wasn't particularly well packaged, a few bits of think polystyrene packaging sheets, a bit of bubble wrap and a bin liner!! Then again the seller did state "collection only" and I persuaded them to let me arrange a courier to pick it up to deliver it to me, and so they weren't expecting to have to package it for "posting." Its still perfectly usable and will look so cute in Princess Lollipop's new playhouse (which I also bought today!!) so I'm going to leave it and let Mr Messy have a look when he comes home from OUR shop and see what he thinks.

Whilst playing about on the internet auction site, I had a look for the rubber mulch I want for under Little Prince's trampoline. I found some at an extremely good price, and with a "Best Offer" button, so I put in what I thought was a ridiculously cheap offer and it was accepted!! Yeah :-) I couldn't believe it would be accepted and now that's bought and paid for too, just awaiting all the deliveries. It does put a bit of pressure on the Gardening Man who is coming back on Friday to finish the clearing!! We'll have to get the trampoline's place dug out, use weedkiller on it and cover it with a weed suppressing membrane pretty quickly now. And also get the part of the garden where the playhouse is going cleared too, it used to house Mr Messy's shed (which was demolished by hand by Mr LMS last Summer) and still has a large quantity of bricks stacked up there, which will have to be moved out of the way. That's my job (and any of the children who want to help, and actually CAN help!!) this evening and tomorrow evening sorted out!!

Princess Lollipop has just woken from her afternoon nap, and hasn't quite come round yet, so she is snuggling up next to me sucking her thumb while she thinks about waking up properly :-) I love these snuggle times, when I don't have to force her to be up and about before she's ready and can let her snuggle and come round in her own time :-) She prefers it too, and gets a lot less stressed and grumpy over it!!

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23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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