Monday, 11 July 2011

Crazy Sunday

Mr Messy and Little Prince went out for Boy Breakfast before any of the rest of us were even up! They didn't take Mrs LMS with them this time, as she didn't want to get out of bed, even the lure of bacon didn't make her want to get up!! The plan for the rest of the day was for Mr Messy and Mrs LMS to take Little Prince out for the day, they were thinking of taking him to the local Art Gallery, as he loves to look at the art and have a snack in the cafe there too. However, Mr Messy found that there was a Wedding Fayre in another town, and changed the plans so that he and Mrs LMS took Princess Lollipop there instead.

As I was planning a girlie day out with Princess Lollipop, I wasn't sure what to do with Little Prince instead! In the end we visited a Toy Shop first and bought his friend Y's birthday present, and Little Prince managed to stay calm and fairly well behaved even though I told him it wasn't his turn and I wasn't buying him anything today. He decided he was dying of hunger though, so we made a quick stop at a Fast Food Restaurant, and afterwards we planned to go out to the National Trust like place. However, while we were eating it got cloudy and colder and we hadn't brought coats with us, so I had to think of something else quick!! We had a wander around the Garden Centre, but as it is closing down soon it didn't have much stock left and was a bit of a disappointment. They do have a hand car wash in their car park, so we took the car there, Little Prince loved watching the men clean the car. Then we visited a huge shop with garden things, toys, soft furnishing etc. Little Prince helped me chose some planters to put outside Princess Lollipop's Playhouse. I was disappointed that I couldn't find a pretty pink shelf to put up in the Playhouse, but Little Prince told me to follow him and he'd find me one! I was a bit skeptical, especially as he seemed to be marching off all round the shop! However, I should have trusted him and his phenomenal memory as he lead us on a very roundabout route to the peg rails and chose a pretty pink one with decorative hearts on it for his sister :-) I then found some bare metal planters, with an embossed heart of vines on the front, so I bought various sizes and will paint them to match the rest of the Playhouse once it is ready for the "decorative bits."

Little Prince was fairly belligerent on the way home, complaining about not going to the National Trust place, but as it was spitting by then I wasn't turning round and setting off there!! When we got home everyone else was already back, and Princess Lollipop was fast asleep, although not for long. Little Prince got sillier and sillier and louder and louder in a pretty obvious attempt to wake her up!! She didn't wake up in the best of moods, she never does if she wakes before she's ready! And the day went downhill from there :-( Little Prince got more and more out of control, winding everyone up, Princess Lollipop's mood didn't improve much and under provacation from her Brud Brud seemed to get even worse! Me and Mr Messy took Little Prince out in the garden to put the last bits of rubbish in the skip before its collected tomorrow. Little Prince wasn't much help as he was too chaotic to actually keep on task at any job we asked him to do! He was asked to pick up loose stones/bricks from the trampoline area, and ended up trying to dig lots of holes!! Then he was asked to put some tiles we have stored in the cottage, in disintegrating cardboard boxes, into plastic storage boxes. He got part way through and got bored, so I took over! Then all I could hear from the garden, was Mr Messy telling Little Prince off for various silly antics! As soon as I'd finished moving the tiles, I took Little Prince inside, and hoped he'd start to behave - fat chance!!

It was a long, chaotic, noisy afternoon. I think we all heaved a huge sigh of relief when it was time for the littlies to go to bed! At one point I lost my temper with Little Prince and got in a petty argument with Mrs LMS about it and we ended up not speaking for the rest of the evening - not a great way to improve the atmosphere! Mr Messy was so engrossed in his TV programme that he didn't even notice! Hopefully tomorrow will be an improvement...

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