Monday, 18 July 2011


Drama Teen got up with me this morning, so she looked after Princess Lollipop while I took Little Prince to school. I was expecting Garden Man first thing so I came straight home. However, Garden Man didn't turn up until 10.30am, he'd had some problems with his garage door that he'd had to fix before he could come over here. He'd brought a labourer with him, as he was working on making the gates to close up the cottage at the bottom of the garden, and they were extremely heavy and it wouldn't be safe to try and fit them on his own.

Garden Man had already built one gate at home, and together he and his labourer made three more gates. They pruned the rest of the ivy and finished off tidying up the apple tree, which had to have a much more radical prune than before, so that the new gates will open! They also got rid of the old fence posts we don't need any more. And best of all Garden Man jigsawed the trim for the Playhouse roof, it is now scalloped like I wanted it :-)

Just before lunchtime I went to the local Wood Yard with Garden Man, and he loaded up his trailer with the rest of the wood he would need to finish constructing the gates. I was just along to pay, although I think that might have been easier than loading over 30 heavy planks of wood into the trailer lol!!

When I got back I persuaded Princess Lollipop to have a nap, to hopefully avoid yesterday's bedtime disaster!! She slept pretty considering Garden Man was using all sorts of power tools loudly in the garden. She woke up slightly and insisted on coming up on my knee, but then she slept for another hour, so hopefully after having a good nap she'll go to sleep nicely tonight!! Princess Lollipop finally woke up just in time for me to go out and pick Little Prince up, I left her with Drama Teen so that I could nip to the next village and pop in the shop and to the bank.

When we got back Princess Lollipop didn't cry and run to me for a huge hug like she usually does when I've been out and come back. She was quite chilled about the fact that I'd been out without her and just carried only playing nicely :-) When we were in the town, we bumped into Mr Messy who had decided to come home early :-) Little Prince was quite miffed that Mr Messy drove a lot faster than we did and beat us home lol!!

Once Mr Messy had had a drink and a bit of a relax, he went and painted some more of the Playhouse. Princess Lollipop was very happy to see that her house was now PINK :-) Lots of "Fank oo Daddy fix my 'ouse PINT" :-) Mr Messy then reminded me that I had to set off to pick Mrs LMS up from her trip to the gym after work. I took both littlies with me so that Mr Messy could get on with some work on his computer in peace. Once we had picked Mrs LMS up we called in at a DIY shop to pick up a kitchen price list for Mr Messy. He needs cupboards in the new studio, and fitted modern style kitchen cupboards seems like the best solution. However, finding the style he wants at the price he wants to pay is proving more difficult!!

You would think that picking up a price list would be simple?? NOOOO!! There was a note on the kitchen display units, saying ask a member of staff for a price list. The man at Customer Services called for someone else, and neither of them could find a price list. They spent ages looking and weren't getting anywhere, Little Prince who had insisted on coming in the shop with me was getting more and more hyped up and acting sillier and sillier!! When the staff came back to me and asked if I wanted to ring the kitchen saleswoman (they didn't sound too keen on the idea) I insisted they did! I pointed out that I'd made a special trip to pick this price list up and YES I did expect them to ring someone who knew where the price list was!! While on the phone, the saleswoman told the staff to only give me the price list for the kitchen I was interested in! It seemed a very restrictive and silly policy to me, and I'm not sure what all that was about, but whatever I was past caring and just wanted to get hold of the d*mn piece of paper and get out of there!!! FINALLY I was given the price list and I could get my crazy boy out of there!! What a palaver!!!

Me and Mrs LMS then took the littlies out for tea, as it had taken us so long to get hold of the price list, we were never going to get home in time to get the littlies tea before bed! Princess Lollipop insisted she didn't want to sit in a high chair, but then wriggled and messed about the whole time we were there!! She wasn't badly behaved, she was just a wriggly two year old, but I don't think she's quite ready to be out of the highchair yet!!

When we got home both littlies got ready for bed, well Princess Lollipop had a lot more help than Little Prince lol. And they both went straight up to bed, although Princess Lollipop didn't actually go to sleep until about an hour later!! Its still earlier than she has been going to sleep and if we keep up with this she will eventually be going to bed and sleep at a sensible time! That's the plan anyway!!!

It was nice to have an adult evening :-) Although I love the littlies dearly it is nice to have a bit of grown up time too :-)

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25th May 2009 - See New Child again & Court Date

23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

26th March 2009 - Fly to Ethiopia :-)

3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

26th February 2009 - Dossier sent to Ethiopia

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28th November 2008 - Certificate of Eligibility ISSUED

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