Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Rain Stopped Play

Growing up with a cricket mad Dad, that is a familiar phrase lol. But it wasn't cricket that was rained off today it was finishing off the garden :-( It has thrown it down all afternoon and Garden Man had to stop just before finishing the last set of gates, as he couldn't use the power tools in the atrocious weather. He did manage to get a lot of tidying up around the garden done though, and he fixed two bits of the guttering downspouts before the downpour :-) The leak in the guttering on the front corner of the house was just too high for him to get up to to look at. But as he was sizing the job up, the handyman working on the cottage next door had a word with him. Apparently the handyman is sorting out the cottage's guttering tomorrow, and has offered to look at ours for us too :-) I can't believe how many problems we've had with this new guttering, and that's not even counting the downspout that Little Prince hacked down with an axe!! The builder we used to fit the guttering is one that has always done a really great job for us, and has always been very reasonably priced. However, the guttering cost a fortune and hasn't worked properly since day one!! We've tried numerous times to get him to come back and fix it, but despite promising to come he has never turned up! We won't be bothering using him again!!

Me and Princess Lollipop had to go out and run quite a few errands after lunch. Well Princess Lollipop's lunch consisted of her own lunch and a mini pork pie she pinched off Garden Man's Labourer, he said he didn't mind as he has a 2 year old daughter himself!! Our first errand was to go to the main Recycling Centre, where I could drop off some Calor Gas Bottles to be recycled. I must have driven past the Recycling Centre about three times, but eventually we found it and dropped the bottles off and weren't even charged :-) Next stop was the Hospital Pharmacy to pick up Little Prince's repeat prescription. For the first time ever they actually followed their own protocol and asked for and checked my ID!!! Princess Lollipop insisted on getting a drink from the WRVS shop on the way out, but I had to carry it to the car as she said it was too heavy!! Last job was to go to a DIY Shop and pick up the hinges/bolts and things I'd ordered online last night, well Mr Messy had ordered them as I find their website very very confusing!! Despite saying online that the whole order would be ready after 12noon, only half of it was there, which means I'll have to go back again tomorrow!! Great!!

We then drove home and got caught in a torrential thunder storm, just as I was parking outside the Bank!! I sat there for ages waiting for it to let up, but it didn't!! In the end I got utterly drenched getting cash out :-( When we got home we found Garden Man and his Labourer sheltering in his car from the weather, and I don't blame them. The weather didn't clear up at all, so they cleared up their tools, raked over the lawn (its best to do it when wet!) and had to call it a day. Its frustrating as they are so close to finishing urgh!! At least I'll be able to pick the rest of the hinges etc up tomorrow, and when they come back on Thursday it should just be a case of hanging the gates and finishing the last bitty little jobs. Keep your fingers crossed that the job will be finished by weekend!! And also that the weather brightens up so the littlies can play out in it!!!

At school time I had to wake Princess Lollipop up from her slumbers to come with me to collect Little Prince. I forgot to say earlier, that Drama Teen was in OUR shop and Mr Messy had driven to a meeting in his London office, so I had no one to stay at home with her. Predictably she wasn't very happy to be woken up, then she was even less happy when at school Little Prince arranged to go to play at J's house!! She cried most of the way to pick Drama Teen up, and kept shouting she didn't want Drama Teen she wanted her Brud Brud. After picking Drama Teen up we made a quick stop at the shop to get a pizza for the littlies tea. I have to pick Mrs LMS up from the gym later, and take the littlies with me (so that Drama Teen can get on with some ironing) and when we get back it will be their bedtime. So I needed something quick to give them for tea in between picking Little Prince up from J's house and going back out to pick Mrs LMS up!!!

Mr Messy rang up to say he was at his hotel after his meeting at the London office, so at least I know he has arrived safely :-) Tomorrow he has meetings until mid afternoon, so it will probably be after tea by the time he gets home. Fingers crossed he doesn't get delayed and the littlies get to see him before bedtime, as neither of them are very happy that Daddy is away tonight.

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