Friday, 29 July 2011

Recent Conversations with Little Prince

Little Prince has been fairly quiet about his Birth Family for a while, but recently he has started talking about them again. He is sad that he has two birth siblings he has never met. He is jealous that two of his birth siblings get to see Tummy Mummy and he doesn't. He doesn't want to wait another 10 years (until he is 18) to meet Tummy Mummy, he misses her and he wants to see her sooner. When I get a quiet moment next week, and can get to the phone without him eavesdropping, which is almost impossible during the Summer Holidays I think I'm going to have to try getting in touch with the Social Workers again. Last time we spoke about him having direct contact with his Birth Mum the Social Worker advised us to wait as Birth Mum was going through some upheaval in her personal life, and the Social Worker wanted to be absolutely sure that Birth Mum was committed and capable of sustaining a long term direct contact relationship with Little Prince before we initiated anything. The Social Worker wanted us to wait until early next year to review the situation, but I don't think it will do Little Prince any good to make him wait that long, unless it is absolutely necessary. Hopefully if I manage to speak to the Social Worker I will be able to convince her of how important this is to Little Prince's well being and get her to review the situation sooner.

Another conversation we had was centred around "If you had millions and millions of Pounds what would you do?" Little Prince after buying himself a Bugatti Veyron, a very very fast and expensive car he is obsessed with, and a house with the family ghost was surprisingly altruistic for an 8 year old :-) He would pay for Mr LMS's Visa to come to the UK, and buy his flight tickets. He said he would also buy them a car, but would have to talk to Mr LMS to find out what kind of car he would like. Then he said "You know that party thing that Mrs LMS wants? Where she wants to get married again? (he means the renewal of vows Mrs LMS would like to save up to do) I'd pay for that, and even get them a cake." He wants to buy Drama Teen a VW Camper Van, as he remembered her saying she wanted one when they were chatting a while ago. He wants to buy Daddy a new camera, and a private jet so he can go and photograph where ever he wants. And he'd buy himself a camera and get Daddy to teach him how to use it. He is such a generous and thoughtful little boy and I need to remember moments like this when he is driving me insane with his ADHD!!!

Talking of his ADHD, is exactly what me and Little Prince were doing the other day! He was saying how unfair it is that he has so many problems and his friends at school don't. I agreed with him and sympathised. Then later on I tried to get him to see the positives that have come from some of his issues too, while being conscious of not belittling his feelings about how unfair it is, quite a balancing act!!! He seemed to get what I was saying and liked the fact that his ADHD gives him boundless energy, and that his Autism helps him see and remember the details about things that other people often overlook. Even his Dyspraxia has made him develop his determination, in his quest to write legibly.

Yet another chat we've had is about comparing his and Princess Lollipop's adoptions and Birth Families. Little Prince said that it wouldn't be fair if he met his Birth Family and Princess Lollipop found she couldn't meet hers, so he wouldn't meet his family so it wouldn't upset her. You have got to know Little Prince to know just how much he is sacrificing to even contemplate that scenario. Meeting his Birth Family is a huge huge deal to him, and to say he would give that up to not upset his sister is... well I don't even have the words to describe how big a deal that is. Wow! I am just in awe and humbled by his love for his sister. And I'm writing this with tears rolling down my cheeks. He is a special special little boy, and I am so privileged to be one of his mothers.

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