Thursday, 14 July 2011


I've spent most of this week stuck at the house, while the Garden Man gets on with more of the garden. He has now weed cleared, dug out, levelled, membraned and mulched the area for the trampoline. All the boxing in is done, which creates two large, rustic looking benches around two sides of the trampoline area, so I have somewhere to sit when I'm supervising the bouncing :-) All the area needs now is the trampoline :-) Mr Messy also wants a fence paint spray gun, so that he can paint the benches and the small fence around the oil tank, why on earth he needs a "gadget" when a paint brush would do the job just as well I don't know!! Men!!! He'd better not splatter paint everywhere!! Especially not on the Playhouse!!!

The Garden Man has another job to go to tomorrow, and then he is building the gates we need to block access to the cottage at the bottom of the garden at home on Saturday. So apart from picking up his trailer in the morning I probably won't be seeing him again until Monday. He is a nice young man and is doing a great job on the garden, but I am looking forward to the privacy of him not being here, or the chance to go out shopping tomorrow. I have bought two different fabrics to make curtains and accessories for the Playhouse, but what looked like contrasting fabrics on the computer screen have turned out to be clashing!! So I want the chance to visit a couple of fabric shops to get an actually contrasting fabric, so I can get the curtains etc made :-) Although thinking about it we do have to buy and fit the curtain poles before I can start!! And we can't do that until Mr Messy has finished the painting!! Urgh, I'm actually looking forward to getting to MY bit of sorting out the Playhouse, but I can't until the other jobs are finished!

On Thursday the second hand play kitchen arrived in a HUGE and extremely heavy box! I couldn't even move it, and just left it in the hall where the delivery man had put it!! Princess Lollipop had an indignant phone call with her Daddy, demanding he came home from OUR shop immediately to "Sort out my Titchen" :-) She was not too happy that he had work to do and couldn't come home till OUR shop closed!! As soon as he stepped foot through the door, she was pestering him to get the "Box wib a titchen" and it wasn't long before the box had been emptied all over the lounge floor!! Once it was finally constructed, which didn't take too long, Princess Lollipop couldn't stop saying "Fank oo Daddy fix my titchen" :-) She LOVES it :-) I love it too, I just wish it would actually fit where I wanted it to in the Playhouse!! The measurements of the Playhouse I'd been working to are the exterior dimensions, and the interior is about 4" smaller than I was thinking it was, because of the framework holding the walls together!! I've already had to ditch the idea of a little table in there, the trouble is I'd already bought the table!! And it looks like the only things that will fit are the kitchen, a kiddie sofa and the cupboard styled as a grandfather clock!! I'm sure she will have fun with just those bits though, and the bigger houses I looked at just wouldn't have fitted in the space we have.

Tonight some of Drama Teen's friends have come round for tea, as later this evening Mrs LMS is going with them to see Harry Potter 7, parts one and two. They are all VERY excited!! The first film starts at about 9.30pm and the second one ends at about 2.30am!!! I can't imagine how Mrs LMS is going to cope with going to work tomorrow!! She says she has already warned her team to keep providing caffeine and not to talk to her, and definitely don't disagree with her tomorrow lol. Ever since she was a tiny baby she has needed a LOT of sleep, and this is going to be very very hard for her, and those of us around her!!!


Whatshername's Mummy said...

P/H curtains - use the springy net curtain wires and hooks, far simpler and easier!
K xxx

Janet said...

I'm not sure if a net curtain wire will hold up to Little Prince!! But as I can't find any curtain poles small enough, I'm going to try the wire first and see how we go.
What do you mean by P/H though??

Janet said...

Never mind, Mrs LMS worked it out for me :-) P/H = PlayHouse :-)


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