Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Baby Sis's Baby's Baptism

Well isn't that a tongue-twister of a title lol. Mr Messy and Mrs LMS had left yesterday for a business meeting near to where the Baptism was going to be, so there was no point them coming home and they stayed over there. Mr Messy in a Hotel and Mrs LMS at my Baby Sis's house, so that she could help Baby Sis out getting the room ready for the after Baptism Party. Apparently Baby Sis turned into a Baptism-zilla and had everyone jumping out of her way to get things done!! I wonder what she will be like when it gets closer to her wedding date lol - I'm glad we live so far away!!!

Drama Teen had arrived back from the celebration meal last night feeling very unwell and had gone straight to bed, poor thing. And when I woke her up she didn't feel much better, so unfortunately she wasn't going to make it to the Baptism. She did manage to look after the Littlies for me while I got our outfits ironed and helped me get both the Littlies ready - thank you Drama Teen :-) Once we were all dressed up in our smart clothes we loaded the car up and set off. As Little Prince had had his medicine he was pretty calm in the car, he played on his gameboy and Princess Lollipop watched various DVDs. The Gameboy and DVD Players are a godsend for long journeys, and I don't think I'd manage to take the Littlies very far at all without them!!

We got caught in a traffic jam entering the motorway that delayed us for ages, and then we got stuck behind a line of very slow traffic once we'd left the motorway - so we were late! Luckily it was a fairly modern church and they'd left the doors open, and we could sneak in and see most of the ceremony. I got quite emotional seeing my Baby Sis stood up at the front, all grown up with her own Baby! Goodness knows how many tissues it will take me to get through her wedding!!!

After the Service, I asked Mrs LMS to come in my car to the Baptsim Party - so that she could look after the Littlies while I dashed in a shop to get some wrapping paper for the present!!! I'd forgotten the day before!! Little Prince decided to go with Daddy to the Party, so it was boys in one car and girls in another lol. I whizzed round the Supermarket and managed to grab suitable wrapping paper, wrapped the present when I got back to the car and then we drove to the Party. Baby Sis had arranged to have a Bouncy Castle at the Party Venue, as there were so many children attending. And we hardly saw either of the Littlies the whole time we were there!! One of Baby Sis's friends had made her lots of beautiful cupcakes, some even had Baby's picture on them, with an icing flower placed in her hair - gorgeous but I couldn't bring myself to eat one!! The ones decorated with pink icing and flowers were delicious though :-)

It was lovely to see all our family and to finally (after NINE years!!) meet Baby Sis's (almost) Mother in Law - she seemed like a lovely lady and doted on Baby Sis's Baby :-) The other shock was we met Mr Messy's long lost God-daughter!! Her Dad had been Mr Messy's Best Man (Mr Messy had been his Best Man too) and they had been friends for years and years. However, he and his wife went through an acrimonious divorce at the same time we moved house and we lost touch. Through the magic of social networking we found out just before the Baptism that God-Daughter was a friend of Baby Sis and Mr Baby Sis!! It was fantastic to see her and catch up on years of happenings in her family and ours!! We'll be making a trip over to see them when Mr Messy can fit it in his busy schedule!!

Little Prince was supposed to be going home with Mr Messy but changed his mind at the last minute and refused point blank (and had a huge meltdown) to go in the car with Daddy, saying he had to be with Mummy. I'm beginning to feel so suffocated again!! At least its only a week till school restarts!! I wish I could be like most of my friends, and dread the end of the holidays and being apart from the children - but I can't wait :-( Little Prince is so hard to deal with and the long Summer holidays make it all so intense and difficult that I just need some time for myself :-(

Anyway enough moaning - all the very very best wishes for a long and happy life to one of my precious little nieces. Happy Baptism Baby Sis's Baby xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd correct to allow credit where credit is due, it was Little Sis and her husband that arranged the bouncy castle, I believe it was their Baptism Gift :) LMS xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yes you're right, we were going to get one but then they said they'd get it through the place they get them for school for us for her present. Thank you all for coming and making it such a special day and for her lovely presents.

Love you all lots
Baby Sis, mr baby Sis and baby


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