Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Everything is Changing!!

I've just come back from visiting a very well recommended child-minder's near to OUR shop. I am getting desperate to get some time to myself, to catch up on housework and to do something I enjoy (crafts) that I've decided to see if Princess Lollipop will settle there and give me that much needed break. Princess Lollipop LOVED the setting, its like a nursery in a home, but with much fewer children, and played really happily while I chatted to the Owner. She is booked in for an hour long trial tomorrow afternoon, although when we left and I said she could go back tomorrow without Mummy she wasn't very keen on the idea!! We'll see how she goes tomorrow... If she settles then we'll try her for a full 4 hours and then I've got to decide how many mornings I want her to attend!! Five is tempting, but that's just the "end of Summer Holiday stress" talking, and I'll probably enroll her for just 2 or 3 mornings per week.

That's not the only change! Mr LMS has had his fingerprints taken over in the US, and sent off his Visa Application with the extra payment to expedite the decision. This means that once the file reaches a case worker's desk they will have a decision in 15 working days or less!! Mrs LMS is getting more and more stressed by this, and can't seem to let herself believe it will be a positive decision :-( I am sure it will be, as they deserve to be together after all this time apart, and they have followed the application procedure to the letter.

In preperation for Mr LMS's arrival Mrs LMS had been looking for a flat for them both to move into. Its been frustrating for her, as she doesn't really know when he will get here (it depends on the Visa Application) and she wasn't sure where to look. If she lives in a village near us, then it is a much nicer area, but they would need a car, an added expense they are trying to avoid. If they move into the town where her job is, they would get "more flat for their money" but the area isn't as nice. My best friend Mad Cat Lady, has two properties that she rents out and on the off chance one might be available Mrs LMS asked me to talk to her. One of her properties was available, but it is a big house and the rent is well over what Mrs LMS can afford (she has to work her budget out on just her earnings as they don't know how long it will take Mr LMS to get a job). Oh well back to the drawing board. But not for long :-) Mad Cat Lady got back in touch, to say that she could drop the price to what Mrs LMS can afford, and rent it directly to her instead of paying Estate Agency fees. It also solves a problem Mad Cat Lady is having with recent tenants, well its a problem with the neighbour who is so mean and nasty that people move out again as soon as they can!! Mr LMS is well over 6ft tall and very protective of Mrs LMS, so I don't think the nasty neighbour will take him on and try causing any trouble!!

Another change is our cars!! A friend of Mrs LMS was selling his sporty car, as he is a personal trainer and can't fit all his gym equipment in the boot!! Knowing that Mr LMS would love a car like that, and liking the price, Mrs LMS arranged to buy it!! She sensibly asked the friend how much he had to pay in insurance for it, and he told her £700 which was high, but not ridiculously so and so she went ahead and bought the car. Once she had all the details and started to get insurance quotes she found a HUGE problem. Due to her and Mr LMS being under 25 she couldn't find insurance for less than £1500, and that was without even putting Mr LMS on the policy!!! She spent hours on the internet and on phone calls trying to sort it out, but it turned out £1500 was about the cheapest insurance she could find, and many insurance brokers refused to even consider insuring her or Mr LMS!! So Mr LMS has decided to give her his car and let her take over running that until they find a car they like and then sell it/trade it in and he will have the sporty car! Is this his mid-life crisis car lol??

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Anonymous said...

I know you've been blogging like crazy, but it was Mr Messy that arranged to switch cars, not Mr LMS. Wrong husband Mum! :) LMS xxx


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