Friday, 12 August 2011

The Hardest Day of the Hols so far :-(

Today started out alright, I accompanied Mrs LMS to the Post Office to post all her lovingly collected documents to Mr LMS in the USA, so that he can finally apply for a Visa to come over to the UK and they can start their married life together. She was so nervous that she couldn't even fill in a very simple form!! The form asked her to write who the parcel was TO - she wrote her own name!! Then she realised her mistake and put her details in the correct place, but managed to forget her address, well you can't blame her she's only lived her since she was 9 years old!! I got another form from the Post Mistress and filled it in on Mrs LMS's behalf - she was in no state to be writing her own name and address lol. It cost a HUGE amount to send the fastest and safest way possible, about double what Mrs LMS thought it was going to be!! Between us we had enough cash to pay this HUGE amount and the precious parcel was handed over to the care of Parcel Force!! Mrs LMS admitted she didn't know if she felt better or worse that it was now out of her hands!! Fingers crossed that it reaches Mr LMS safely and that the Visa Application goes through quickly and smoothly.

Then we picked up Drama Teen and the littlies and dropped Mrs LMS off at work. Before going to see Little Prince's ADHD Specialist at the hospital near Mrs LMS's office. It all started going downhill when I parked at the wrong end of the hospital and we had to walk all the way round the connecting corridors, hurrying to get to the appointment in time. I had to carry Princess Lollipop up the stairs, and she wanted to walk up herself!! She SCREAMED all the way up the stairs and most of the rest of the way to the ADHD Dept!! Little Prince was obviously worrying about his appointment and was running ahead shouting and making strange loud noises and generally acting very stressed. When we finally got to the Dept both littlies were upset, and getting out of control!!

Little Prince and Princess Lollipop started arguing and fighting over the table football, which culminated in Little Prince trying to ram one of the sticks into Princess Lollipop and getting into trouble. Little Prince was called in to be weighed and measured and have his blood pressure checked. He has grown slightly, his blood pressure is fine, but he has lost a small amount of weight (10 oz!!!). We were given a mood chart to fill in, but then the Specialist called him straight in for the consultation. Little Prince (who hadn't had any medication) started playing up even more, he refused to put his shoes back on after being weighed, and threw them across the consultation room. He then sat down to fill in his mood chart and ticked "very grumpy" for everything. Then he noticed it asked about his moods during the school day and started shouting he had done it all wrong. He went to the other side of the room and started hitting himself and saying he was stupid and wanted to die!! Eventually between talking to the Specialist and trying to calm Little Prince down, I managed to get him to come and try to fill in the mood chart again. He only managed half of it before having another massive meltdown!! At least the Specialist saw him as he really is!!!

Because of Little Prince's weight loss the Specialist said he would have to take him off his medication for three months!!! WHAT?!?! NO WAY!!!! I just looked at him open mouthed and refused to accept that!! There is absolutely no way on earth I can go back to trying to manage an unmedicated Little Prince :-( I also told the Specialist that school had noticed a difference in Little Prince's ability to concentrate last half term, and had asked me to mention this to the Specialist. In the end the Specialist said we could try a different kind of medication. This is a quick release version of Ritalin, that only lasts for a limited time. The Specialist has prescribed two 4 hour doses and one 2 hour dose per day, but asked us to try to limit its use during the Summer holidays so that Little Prince's weight gets chance to catch up again.

The consultation seemed to take forever, and Little Prince obviously felt it took too long as he demanded to leave part way through and went back to the waiting room to play with Princess Lollipop under Drama Teen's supervision. When I got out of the Consultation Room I found both Little Prince and Princess Lollipop sat on the floor howling at the top of their voices over some argument or other!!! I bet the staff were glad to see us leave!!!

We made our way back to the other side of the hospital to get Little Prince's new medication from the Pharmacy. Unfortunately there was almost an hour's wait for the prescription to be filled, and as I didn't fancy coming back to the hospital on another day I said we'd wait. It was the longest hour of my life!! Little Prince spent a lot of time screaming, or rolling around on the floor, or hiding under his chair or hitting himself. Luckily (for the other patients) we were sat in a small alcove where his behaviour couldn't disturb too many other people. For part of the time I took Little Prince outside to play on a verge near the entrance, but I couldn't stay there with him for too long as Princess Lollipop was getting upset as she wanted her Mummy and she didn't want to share me. They are tearing me in two :-(

When we finally got Little Prince's new medicine I took the three of them into town to get some lunch. Both littlies had a huge meltdown when we walked past Mcdonalds!! But I was NOT giving in, and dragged them kicking and screaming (literally!!!) to a nice cafe round the corner. We had to change to the second cafe as Drama Teen couldn't see anything she liked on the menu at the first cafe we tried. We sat down, cue lots of fuss from Princess Lollipop who to sit NEXT to Mummy, but Little Prince had already claimed that position!!! It took ages for everyone to decide what they wanted to eat, and as soon as it arrived it was pronounced "EWW" by Princess Lollipop who refused to touch any food whatsoever!!! She also demanded that I hold her glass of milk, which was impossible over the table with all the plates of food in the way!! We finally persuaded her that it was ok if Drama Teen held the glass!! But still couldn't persuade her to eat anything. Little Prince on the other hand ploughed his way through most of an adult full English breakfast!! After the meal both Little Prince and Princess Lollipop demanded lollipops, which I said an emphatic no to, and we set off for to complete the rest of our errands.

We had to call in at Bodyshop to buy some more Shampoo and Conditioner for Little Prince. Far from just walking in and picking up what we needed, paying and leaving, no it couldn't be that simple could it?! I had to listen to the whole product spiel from the saleswoman about how they had taken out the parabans and all the other bad stuff, I DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW!?!?! Just give me the bl**dy stuff and let me out of here!! Couldn't they see my mad kids running amok round their shop?!?! Little Prince stuck his finger in all the lipsticks and daubed it all over his face, and Princess Lollipop was shouting and running about too.

Next was the Kodak shop, to get a Passport Photo of Drama Teen. As is traditional she hated her photo, but it fits all the complicated criteria and should satisfy the Passport people!! And guess what while this was happening Little Prince and Princess Lollipop were yet again running amok!! In the centre of the shop is a bank of four computerised stations with little cubby holes underneath. When Little Prince just hid himself in the cubbies it was fine, when they started to play hide and seek and run round and round the consoles it got overly manic again!! I was so pleased when we'd paid up and could leave! It was only a short walk back to the car, but it felt like a marathon!! Little Prince kept running off and making his loud noises. Princess Lollipop dawdled but still demanded to hold my hand, even though I was miles in front trying to keep up with Little Prince!!

On the way home I pulled over and rang Mr Messy, who offered to have Princess Lollipop at OUR shop for the afternoon, to separate the warring siblings and give me a little break!! I could have cried I was so relieved :-) After dropping her off I called at the shop and loaded up on the C's - chocolate and coca cola :-) I needed them, I really really needed them!!! And after stuffing my face with all the chocolate I felt soooo much better :-) Drama Teen who had tried her best to help me with the two maniacs this morning got a break too, and I think she needed her Boyfriend's sympathy when he arrived soon after we got back. Thank you for trying your best this morning Drama Teen, I really appreciate it :-)

I then had to spend over half an hour on the phone sorting out the new car insurance. I can't believe it took so long urgh!! When it was finally sorted out, I got Little Prince to rush round getting his swimming bag packed ready for his swimming lesson. Its a good job I had a quick listen to the answer machine messages, as his teacher had left a message cancelling the lesson!! Little Prince was not happy at having plans changed right at the last moment, but as he'd had a dose of his new medication he didn't kick off too much.

I then had to try and get hold of Mr Messy who was waiting at the swimming pool to drop Princess Lollipop off with me, so that he could go and pick Mrs LMS up from work! I tried every method of contacting him that I could think of and it still took ages to get hold of him!! When we eventually managed to speak to each other, we decided I'd go and pick Princess Lollipop up from OUR shop and take her with me to pick Mrs LMS up, I could hear her screaming for Mummy in the background!! She screamed even more when I picked her up and Daddy fastened her in her carseat when she wanted Mummy to do it!! However she fell asleep within moments and I had a peaceful drive to get Mrs LMS. Princess Lollipop managed to sleep through me having a major whinging session to Mrs LMS about how horrible my day had been!! It felt good to get it all off my chest and have someone who knows what it can be like sympathising with me, thank you so much Mrs LMS.

On the way home I made Mrs LMS go to the shop to get me some MORE chocolate - yes today has been THAT bad!!! She was also kind enough to cook for the littlies and not get upset when neither of them would eat!! And then she cooked a roast pork dinner for the rest of us, yum yum :-) Food always tastes so much nicer when its cooked by someone else :-)

Little Prince had quite a few major tantrums in the evening and kept slamming upstairs to his room. I think today has been too much for him too, poor lad. We are going to have a few days of him taking his new medicine so we can all calm down after today's disaster before I let him have another few days off medication. Princess Lollipop was also very easily upset and tantrumming over every little thing, so I took her upstairs for an early night. She calmed down pretty quickly but took ages to get to sleep. She slept better last night and her cough didn't wake her up so much, hopefully she'll have another good night and we can all have a good rest and wake up feeling better tomorrow.

My plans for tomorrow are to have as stress free day as humanly possible. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to take the littlies (and Drama Teen if she wants to come along) to the National Trust-like property where there is so much room to run around, a fantastic playground for them both to play in and fresh air and freedom to counteract today's restrictions.

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