Thursday, 11 August 2011

This Week

Monday was a quiet day, especially for Princess Lollipop who kept falling asleep. I think she was either knackered after her weekend of hardly any sleep, or she was so relieved to be home she just relaxed completely. Shortly after getting up in the morning she fell back to sleep, spread eagled on the floor in the lounge - she looked like she was hugging her house!!! She woke up briefly and then fell back asleep stood next to me with her head/body on the sofa and her feet on the floor!!

Luckily Mr Messy was able to come and pick Little Prince up after an early morning photo shoot, so I didn't have to disturb Princess Lollipop. Mr Messy deposited Little Prince at his friend's house, and they played there until mid afternoon when I had to pick him up again. Little Prince had a fabulous time, he really misses his best friend E (he moved to a neighbouring village and changed schools) and loves it when they can get together. We'll be having E round to play at our house next week, and Little Prince can't wait :-)

On Tuesday morning Little Prince and Drama Teen had an early morning appointment at the Dentist for their check ups. Little Prince's teeth are strong and healthy, Drama Teen has a small cavity that her orthodontist noticed at her last check up, and the Dentist agrees it needs filling. I agreed to let Drama Teen be treated privately for her filling, so that she can have a "tooth coloured" filling instead of the horrible black ones. She will have to go back in a couple of weeks to have that sorted out. In the afternoon Little Prince's friend J came over to play and they played beautifully together - absence makes the heart grow less argumentative?!?! Normally when they play together they have a least a couple of stand up rows!!!

On Wednesday evening me and Mrs LMS waded our way through a mass of paperwork that I'd been putting off dealing with. However, its all now sorted out and out of the way. Thank you so much Mrs LMS I really couldn't have done it without you.

Thursday (today) I couldn't leave it any longer and had to bath Princess Lollipop and sort out her hair. She was NOT happy, she still isn't feeling well and isn't sleeping and didn't co-operate at all with the conditioning and combing! It took ages to get it all done, but I persevered and got there in the end. After that I had to take some paperwork over to the Post Office to have the Post Mistress certify it (certify it was a true copy of the original and confirm she'd seen the original too) for Mr and Mrs LMS's Visa application. Mrs LMS has been working on this (and stressing over it all) for weeks and weeks now, but tomorrow could be the day when it can all get posted over to Mr LMS for him to actually lodge the application :-) I can't tell you how happy Mrs LMS is to have finally got to this stage :-) Fingers, toes and everything crossed it all goes smoothly and quickly and that Mr and Mrs LMS can be together again soon.

I made an appointment for Princess Lollipop to see the Doctor this afternoon, her cough has been getting worse, she is off her food and is finding it very hard to sleep. It was a total waste of time!! The Doctor examined her thoroughly and could find nothing wrong, so said it must be a viral cough and there was nothing he could do!!! I know there isn't a medication for every cough, cold and sniffle, but she seems so out of sorts and not herself that I really thought there must be something that could be done to help her feel better :-(

When Mr Messy had collected Mrs LMS from work, he came back home and picked up Little Prince (who Princess Lollipop has been picking on all day) and took him with them back to OUR shop to give Little Prince a break! Princess Lollipop sobbed and sobbed and then fell fast asleep! Which will probably mean yet another disturbed, sleepless night, but there was no stopping her falling asleep!!

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Anonymous said...


I can't believe you have to pay for white fillings. That's ridiculous. I had to have one recently and it was white, no problem.

Hope Princess Lollipop is feeling better now.

Love to all
Lil Sis


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