Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas clearout

Today Mr Messy and Little Prince went to the DIY Shop to buy a saw so that they could make a bird box. Apparently the sales were on, and they bought quite a bit more than "just a saw"!! Drama Teen was supposed to go with them, but didn't get up in time, she wanted to buy some baking supplies from the Supermarket to make brownies.

Later that day after I'd wrangled Princess Lollipop in the bath, with assistance from Drama Teen, we managed, eventually, to get her hair conditioned and combed through. We ran out of the Curly Q conditioner that I had been using on her hair, and have been using different conditioners that we bought on our holiday in Florida. I'm not impressed with them. The first one I ditched after two tries, Princess Lollipop's hair felt "crunchy" and not soft and healthy like it usually does. The second one is working better, but doesn't condition Princess Lollipop's hair as much as Curly Q did. I'm only using this conditioner until the new lot of Curly Q arrives, and then hopefully Princess Lollipop's hair will go back to being glossy and healthy again. And as a great added bonus after a week or so her hair becomes MUCH easier to comb through, so the battles with Princess Lollipop over getting her in the bath might lessen. I certainly hope so, especially for Princess Lollipop's sake, its awful having to force her into having her hair conditioned and making her scared of having a bath :-(

While we were bathing Princess Lollipop Mr Messy took Little Prince to his friend J's house for a few hours, so that he could meet J's new Border Collie. I can't quite believe that J's family have got such an active dog as J is pretty similar to Little Prince and you'd think they had enough on their plates lol. Once we'd all finished and we were all ready. Me and Mr Messy left Drama Teen babysitting Princess Lollipop, they were watching Phineas and Ferb together :-) We stuffed my car full of all the Christmas rubbish and cardboard needing recycling, which was a large amount as it consisted of the packaging from the new TV we bought to replace our broken one. And 50" plasmas (don't ask Mr Messy is in charge of household tech lol!!) don't come in small boxes!! We managed to get rid of all the cr*p that had been cluttering up the house and it feels much nicer (and bigger) again :-) And at weekend we'll borrow Mr LMS and he and Mr Messy can get the huge old TV to the tip too, and I'll have my whole dining room back :-)

Once we got all the littlies to bed, well Drama Teen is in her room (hopefully) revising for her re-sits (and not on Facebook!) me and Mr Messy are watching one of the BluRays we got for Christmas. We can't watch DVDs as the new surround system won't play them. Mr Messy is hopping mad and will be returning the system tomorrow!

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