Monday, 30 July 2012

Little Prince goes Camping

Little Prince was invited to go camping with Lil Sis and her family, as they are Scout Leaders and we thought Little Prince would enjoy joining in with the Scouting activities.  He was thrilled to be invited, but then got nervous and couldn't decide whether to go or not.  So I told him we would decide nearer the time and kept him distracted from the subject.

As the Camp got closer, Little Prince decided he only wanted to go for one night, and seemed happy and settled with his decision.  However, on the morning we were leaving to go and stay overnight with my parents (who live near the Camp) he was chatting to Daddy on the phone, and Mr Messy was so enthusiastic about the Campsite (that we used to stay at when we were involved with Scouting) that Little Prince became so excited about the prospect of going somewhere his Mummy and Daddy used to go, that he decided to stay for the full two nights camping :-)  I rang Lil Sis and arranged it all with her and we finally set off for Grandma and Grandad's house.  The drive went well with hardly any fighting and falling out, which is very good considering Little Prince hadn't had any medication and we were in Mr Messy's car without the distraction of seat back DVD players!  The last half an hour of the journey, wasn't so great as it was obvious we had been cooped up together for far too long and all of us were fidgety and irritable!

Once we had arrived and had a drink and snack, Grandma had the great idea of taking bats and balls to the Park, to let the children run off some of their pent up energy.  They had a great time and we discovered that Little Prince has quite a powerful swing, which is great as he used up a little bit more energy racing to retrieve his ball!  After we'd visited the play area and had fun there too, we wandered round to the Chip Shop to pick up our tea.  Once we'd eaten it was time to set off and take Little Prince to Camp, Princess Lollipop happily stayed playing games with Grandma, which was a relief as she would have made a huge fuss at leaving Little Prince at Camp.

On our drive I pointed out many places me and Mr Messy used to visit to Little Prince, he was fascinated with all of this family "history."  We had a little trouble finding the right turn off to the Camp, but some locals pointed us in the right direction and Little Prince stopped panicking that we would be lost forever!!  I stayed at the Camp for a little while, so that Little Prince could settle in and he was soon running around with the other children and having a fantastic time.  He got a little upset when it was time for me to go, but not so upset that he didn't want to stay.

Back at Mum and Dad's house, Princess Lollipop was happily beating Grandma at board games and wasn't at all concerned that I'd been away.  We managed to persuade her to let us watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, which were very confusing!  Princess Lollipop managed to stay awake until the start of the parade of competing nations, but barely lasted past "A" before she was fast asleep.  She didn't sleep very well that night, and as we were sharing a double bed that meant that I didn't either.

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