Monday, 30 July 2012

Princess Lollipop's Day Out

We had to make a quick stop at the Supermarket, as I'd forgotten to take Princess Lollipop's overnight pull ups!  Grandma had managed to find one for last night, but that was the only one she had, so I needed to buy some more.  After that we drove round to the Canal Museum that we had taken Little Prince to the weekend before, as Princess Lollipop had said she wanted to ride on a boat today.  The canal boat trips weren't running, so we couldn't do that :-(  Princess Lollipop found most of the Museum "creepy" and then got totally freaked out by the mock up of an executioners block, complete with axe and "blood" we had to get her out of there pretty quickly!  It was a lovely sunny day so we took her for a walk down the canalside, where she talked to the geese that swam alongside us.  We found some benches and sat playing "I Spy" in the warm sunshine for ages, then we went back to the car and set off to try and find Princess Lollipop a boat.

We drove to a park in a neighbouring town that has run boat trips on the lake for as long as I can remember.  But guess what?!?!  They weren't running today!!  A busy Saturday in the Summer Holidays and they were shut!!!!  Princess Lollipop was mollified by the promise of a trip to the play area instead, and was immediately cheered up when she got to play on the bouncy castle, there were only a few other little ones playing on it, so they got to stay there for ages.

Then we took her round the water play area, fortunately we managed to keep her dry as it was turning chilly and we didn't have a towel or spare clothes with us!  I can imagine Little Prince would have been soaked within moments of noticing the water play!!  At the other side of the water play area was a train ride, Princess Lollipop forgot all about the fact she had wanted to ride a boat, and was overjoyed to ride a "choo choo train" instead :-)  We choo choo'd past a wedding party having their photographs taken, and Princess Lollipop said she would like to be a Princess (bridesmaid) too :-)  She will be one of Baby Sis's bridesmaids at her wedding next year, so I'm glad she likes the idea of being a Princess :-)

By the time we got off the choo choo and had taken some photographs, it was starting to rain a little, we took Princess Lollipop for a quick play on the slide.  This was ruined by some wild children who wouldn't stop running up the slide, and then decided to sit on the top platform and refused to let anyone else past them to the slide.  After a fruitless few minutes trying to get the children to move, and Princess Lollipop getting upset at being "stuck" part way up the ladder, I had to get her down and leave the playground.  Princess Lollipop was crying that she hadn't got her turn on the slide, and the wild children's parents made some sort of comment about her being scared as we walked past them, I was SO MAD I couldn't even answer the incompetent parents!  They had SEEN what their out of control children had been up to and hadn't done a thing, and here they were being sarcastically sympathetic that my daughter had been scared!!!  Idiots!!!  By the time we were back in the car, I'd calmed down and we made it just in time to escape the rain shower.    

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23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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