Monday, 30 July 2012

The Camper's Triumphant Return

Baby Sis and her daughter Baby S came to visit us at Grandma and Grandad's house, and the girls played, not so much together as near to each other lol.  The girls didn't seem to stop snacking all morning either!  And when Grandad went into another room, for a little bit of peace and quiet, the girls found it endlessly entertaining to sneak in there and "frighten" him by shouting "BOO!" lol.

After lunch Baby Sis and Baby S went home to settle Baby S down for a nap.  And as she has been quite restless for the past few nights, Baby Sis went for a nap too :-)  Me and Princess Lollipop packed up our things and got ready to go and pick Little Prince up from Camp, as I wasn't picking him up until 3pm I decided to drive straight home from there, instead of returning to Mum and Dad's for a while.

When we arrived at Camp, the children were all sitting in a circle being presented with the badges they had earned during the Camp.  Even Little Prince was presented with one for "conquering" the climbing challenge, and another one for camping overnight :-)  He was very proud of himself :-)  He had slept in the hut for one night, and in a tent the next night :-)  As well as the climbing challenge Little Prince had also enjoyed a 5km hike, pedal carting and canoeing - a busy weekend!  He was apparently the first child to capsize his canoe and get soaked, and he enjoyed it so  much he capsized again!!  Which was pretty inevitable, because if there's water he WILL fall in it!!  He had also managed the whole weekend without any medication and not misbehaved or got too crazy, well any crazier than any of the other children there anyway :-)  I'm so proud of my Little Prince for managing his first stay away from Mum and Dad for two whole nights, for joining in all of the activities and for staying calm and sensible enough with no medication :-)

The drive home was VERY peaceful as both Littlies fell fast asleep :-)  I couldn't even wake them up for a stop off at their favourite fast food place!  They stayed asleep until I noticed my car outside OUR Shop, and we called in to say hello to Daddy.  He was in the middle of a photoshoot, so we didn't stay too long before driving home.  Drama Teen came out to greet us and got a huge hug from Princess Lollipop.  Little Prince seemed overwhelmed, and was probably still tired, he was grumpy and irritable and refused to talk to Drama Teen let alone hug her!  He must have been tired as he didn't object to going to bed later, and fell asleep quickly too.  Unlike Princess Lollipop who insisted that both me and Daddy take her to bed, and then spent around two and a half hours crying and wailing that she wanted to sleep in our bed!  Despite how long it lasted I insisted that she stay in her bed, as if I'd given in (like Mr Messy wanted me to!) it would be even harder next time to persuade her to sleep in her own bed.  She has been doing so well at learning to sleep in her own Princess bed that I want to keep the momentum going and not let her slide back into coming into our bed!


Cabbage Queen said...

Please tell Little Prince that I am soooo proud of him for going to camp for two nights!!! And I'm glad he had lots of fun too!!

Janet said...

Hi Cabbage Queen,
I've told Little Prince and he said thanks :-)
We've been watching the Olympics, and it makes me think of you - the Beijing Olympics was on when we visited you last! It definitely doesn't seem like FOUR years ago!!!


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