Sunday, 15 July 2012

Today turned out MUCH better :-)

Thank goodness - I couldn't take another day like last Friday!!

In the morning me and Little Prince visited a house clearance sale, and he loved looking round and finding bargains :-)  I found a few bits and pieces to "do up" for my Craft Room, so I was pleased too.  I noticed an ornate style mirror, that with some work could be perfect for one of the studios at the new shop, and sent Mr Messy (who was out on a shoot) a message to call in on his way home and check it out.  He obviously agreed with me as he bought it, now I just have to research how to "age" the overly bright gold frame, and we can hang it in the studio :-)

The weather was lovely, so the Littlies had a great time in the garden, there were very few arguments and accidents and it was great listening to them playing - they were having imaginary Pokemon battles, in between fighting off the Bad Guys that always seem to invade our garden lol

I'd taken Drama Teen over to her Boyfriend's house earlier, and she had taken the only bottle of lens solution in the house, with her!  So I had to go to the Supermarket to buy another one.  As I didn't want to drive a 25min round trip for one item, I decided to go to the large craft and homewares shop nearby too.  I had previously priced up, online, more "supplies" for my plan of keeping the Littlies amused during the Summer Holidays.  I checked all the prices and bought anything that was cheaper there and then, rather than have to pay higher prices and postage online.  I started shopping for all the items at the beginning of this half term, and have nearly got everything on my list now :-)  I'm feeling very organised - an unusual feeling for me lol.  I just need to type out the list of activities and format it so that I can use it on the "Summertime Fun" board I've made and I'm just about sorted :-)

Anyway I had a lovely, quiet, relaxing time just wandering around the shop, browsing the various aisles - I love my children dearly, but sometimes I need a little "me time" to re-charge my batteries.  I was enjoying the drive home, windows open, music playing, so I drove the long way home too.  I was greeted at home by two little faces at the front door - they'd missed me :-)  Its nice to be loved :-)

The Littlies played in the garden some more, then after tea I got Princess Lollipop settled in bed, while Mr Messy and Little Prince watched The Hulk film.  Well Mr Messy watched it, and Little Prince was in the same room as the TV, playing on his iPod Touch!  I've recently found out how to sign him up for his own Apple ID account, rather than sharing Mr Messy's, so he has the freedom to download all sorts of different (mainly free) apps - and he's loving it :-)  I've also finally worked out how to redeem the Apple Voucher he got of Grandma and Grandad for his birthday (in January - yes that is how tech challenged I am!!!).  He has been very good so far, and not spent it all on the first day, which me and Mr Messy were worried he would! I think the fact that he's spending his own money has something to do with that lol.

I'm so glad today, well this whole weekend to be honest, has been so lovely - it helps me deal with the "bad days" so much better, when I can look back on the good times and the good memories :-)


cabbage queen said...

Janet, All I can see is white stripes where text should I the only one seeing this post that way?

Janet said...

Sorry no its not just you :-( I see it like that too - but I don't know how to fix it!! I've looked at the "edit post" feature and it doesn't show up there at all - I don't know how its happened?!?!
If you highlight over the white stripes you can see the text - I'll have a word with Mr Messy and see if he has any ideas!!
Miss you

Anonymous said...

It's in the HTML of the post, that's the only way I know to fix it, but it's a pain in the backside to do! I just highlight your text to read it. Love LMS xxxxx

Janet said...

You'll have to explain to me how to do it, when you've got time for a LONG email lol.


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